” How to avoid being an organic sucker ” !

This artile was a long time coming for me….

Day after day I listen to my friends and family say how they’ve been eating organic meat and now avoid the normal USDA choice cuts of meat.

This bothers me because there are products that start out organic, but some get treated with gasses to preserve thier shelf life.

Don’t be a organic sucker!

Some people prefer the organic/grassfed​ cuts of meat. It’s great for you, the animals are raised well, and it’s all natural… Or is it?

Most meats that are organically raised​ are prepackaged at a packing plant. Some packages are ( vacuum sealed ) and others use a process called ( gas packing ) . 

Prepackaged meat that uses gasses to preserve them use a technique called (MAP) modified atmosphere packaging . It’s a process that removes the oxygen out of the package and then use a combination of gasses ( carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen ) are used to kill the bacteria in the meat by filling the package with this mixture of gasses. The FDA doesn’t require that this process’s information is to be put onto a package. 

If you ask me, this goes against the meaing of organic. 

 A process like this is used in a lot of ground meat packages to keep a long shelf life. This  process will keep meat fresh for 20-30 days after it’s been cut. Meat that hasn’t been treated with (MAP) will start to go bad 3 days after it’s been cut. You’ll notice with meat that has been cut fresh, ( like a apple ) it will turn darker​ the longer it sits. Meat that has been treated with MAP will have a bright red color. This happens because the gasses used will kill the bacteria in the meat and leave it a bright red​ color.

Meat that has been freshly cut, then vacuum sealed will last 10 days after it’s cut. This process doesn’t affect the organic nature of the product and isn’t introduced to any cemicals that will preseve the meat.

Prepackaged meat that use a (MAP) process in thier packages will look like the one in the photo above. It will have A deep tray and when the package is opened it will have a gas like smell. Sometimes the wrapping on the package will expand due to the gasses that are trying to escape.

Do all prepackaged meats use this process? 

No, not all. Some prepackaged products will have a air tight seal around the package. This helps by removing the air from the package naturally and keeps the organic integrity of the product.

Bell & Evans is my favorite brand of organic chicken. They are vacuum sealed beautifully and allow people to see the product they’re buying easily. 

Verde farms offers organic beef that’s​ been vacuum sealed. They offer a lot of different cuts. They have all types of lean ground beef 93/785/1580/20 and cuts of beef like strip steak, chuck roast, and sirlion cut into stir fry. I feel this product is fairly priced and is not for the super rich. 

If you’re prefer buying organic meat directly from your butcher, you’re better off. The meat will be much fresher from a butcher and all meats are cut on premise​. If you like grinding your own meat at home ( like me ), this is the way to go!

A few tips to remember before you buy your next piece of organic meat.

1. Always go with a vacuum sealed package or meat that has been cut on premise.

2. Avoid prepackaged meat that has a deep tray ( This is a sign that the meat might have used a MAP process to prolong the meats shelf life)

3. If there’s a sell by date with more then 3 weeks avoid it.

4. Prepackaged meat is everywhere! For the freshest, healthiest cuts or meat, ask your butcher! 

I hope this was helpful. If it was, please like, comment, and share 🙂 

Thank you, The Hamptons butcher

3 cuts of meat to celebrate Easter with! 

Before you head to your local supermarket or butcher, STOP AND READ THIS! 

Easter is time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, a time to celebrate with your families, and a time to celebrate the change in the season…

To help you with your feast I will be going over 3 different cuts of meat and seasonings that you can pair with them.

Fresh ham
Fresh hams are a popular choice for Easter. They’re fairly easy to make and to season. whole fresh hams ” about 22 lbs ” can feed about 25 people. A fresh ham cut in half is either a shank half or butt half. 
A shank half can weigh in-between 9-12 pounds and a butt half will weigh just a little less.

A shank half is the half that is closest to the knee, while the butt half is connected to the hip. Some people will say that the butt half tastes​ better, but I find that they taste the same. Fresh hams are on sale this time of year and cost between 1-2$ a pound.

A great tip is : 

1.  Ask your butcher to take out the glands while de-boning your ham. If you choose to have your ham de-boned, ask your butcher to tie it back up for you. ( Don’t forget your ask your bones back).

2.  Ask your butcher to score the skin of your fresh ham to make is crunchy after it’s cooked.

3. Always use a meat thermometer to check if your fresh ham is properly cooked. The rule of thumb to cooking your meat is a half of a hour per pound at 350 degrees. Your ham should be ready when the center of your ham reads 180 degrees in the center. There is no reason to shop for one when you can buy one here, click here.

4. The best way to season your fresh ham is with a brown sugar season. The sweet seasoning pairs well with a fresh ham. If don’t have time to buy one, click here and let me save you a trip.

Click here for more information on fresh hams.

Rib roast

 A rib roast is one of my favorite holiday meals.  They’re a little pricey but taste great! I’m a red meat guy, so I can be a little biased. I like either the loin end or the rib end. I would suggest that you get yours from the loin end because there is more meat and less fat. 

Things to know before you buy a rib roast.

1. Always look for good grain and marbling.

2. A nice bright red color ” like in the photo above”  is what you want.

3. When figuring out how much you need, the rule of thumb is, 1 rib for 2 people. Keep in mind a whole rib only has 7 ribs.

4. Ask your butcher to take the bone off and tie it back on. This will make it easier to serve your guests later on.

5. Use a meat thermometer to see if your rib roast is ready to eat and after it’s done, let it rest 5min before serving it. It will make a big difference in in the way it tastes.

6. You can season it with any seasoning you like. I prefer a Montreal seasoning myself.

Leg of lamb

A leg of lamb is the traditional Easter meal. They taste great and they’re not in stock through out the year. They’re similar to the fresh ham, and a whole leg of lamb also has a butt half and a shank half. A whole leg of lamb will weigh around 12 pounds. The butt and shank wiegh between 5-7 pounds.

A shank half is the lower part of the leg. It will have less bone in it and more meat. It will weigh about 6 pounds and serve about about 4 – 6 people. Most places will crack the sader bone, but if they don’t, it’s suggested to ask them to it. It will make it easier to cook your leg of lamb.

 The butt half is the part of the leg that is connected to the hip. Some people say butt half of the leg of lamb tastes better, but I think it tastes the same. A shank half has more bone in it and serves only 4-5 people.

Things to know before you buy your next leg of lamb.

1. If you don’t want to cut around the bone, ask your butcher to de-bone your leg of lamb and to take the glands out. Also have your butcher tie it back up for you.

2. As in the above use a meat thermometer!

3. The best way to season your leg of lamb is with garlic and herb seasoning. Also it’s common practice to serve it with mint jelly.

If you’re short on time and can’t make to the supermarket or Butcher…. The Hamptons butcher got you covered! Click below for the items I mentioned above.


Leg of lamb lol boneless,   mint jelly,  Garlic and Herb seasoning​.


Rib roast,  Montreal seasoning

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Easter and God bless!

The Hamptons butcher

Learn how to pick out a package of corned beef to celebrate St Patrick’s day with.

Soon it’ll be Saint Patrick’s day. It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year! 
Everyone is in good spirits and most of all, everyone loves to eat corned beef.


What is a corned beef?

Corned beef is cut of beef ” usually a brisket ” that has been soaked in a brine to cure the beef and make it last longer. Rock salt is used to create the brine. The bits of rock salt were nicknamed ” corns “due to thier shape. That’s how the name ” corned beef ” came about.

Brining helps the meat also to break down and to make it tender. 

What is the best corned beef for you?

There’s 3 cuts to choose from!

1. Think cut.

2. Thin cut.

3. A whole corned beef.

Thick cut of corned beef

A thick cut ( also known as the point cut ) corn beef is from the top have of a whole brisket. This piece of meat also has the decal attached to it. It’s a very fatty piece, but taste amazing after it’s​ finished being cooked.

A little smaller than a thin cut of corned beef, the thick cut is perfect for 2-3 people. It’s also on sale this time of year and is the most inexpensive out all the different types of cut of corned beef in this article.

Its inexpensive, priced around 2$ -4$ a pound from now until St Patrick’s day. A thick cut wieghs 2-5  pounds. The thick cut has a little bit more fat than the thin cut, but it also makes it taste better!

Thin cut of corned beef

A thin cut of corned beef will have less fat on them than the thick cuts do. Thin cuts ( or a flat cut ) has more meat on them also. Thier is no decal attached to this piece. I feel this cut is best for serving more than 3 people. They come in all shapes and sizes, so pick one out accordingly​. 

Most people prefer this piece. A thin cut will wiegh anywhere from 2-5 pounds. It’s also on sale in most places from now, until St Patrick’s day. prices will vary from 3$-5$ a pound. 

 I enjoy this cut also, either way you can’t go wrong.

A whole piece of corned beef

A whole cut of corned beef is a intire brisket that has been soaking in brine. It wieghs around 6-7 pounds for the intire package. This cut is great for a family or a St Patrick’s day party. A 6 pound piece will feed 10 easily.

Tips to know before you pick out your next corned beef


* When you cook your corned beef it will shrink. You will lose about a half of a pound in wieght. Take this into account before figuring how big of a piece you need.

How to cook one

*There’s only one way to cook a corned beef and that’s in a Crock-Pot​. A Crock-Pot is simple and they’re cheap. You can leave it to cook all day with little work. Add some carrots, potatoes, and​ cabbage to your corned beef and you’ll have great St Patrick’s day dinner.

You could add the fennel seeds if you enjoy the flavor. I usually don’t use them though.

The best size for you.

* Size all depends on how many people you are feeding. I go with 3/4 of a pound per person as a guide. I added a little extra weight due to your corned beef will shrink after you cooked it.

Thanks for reading!

Happy St Patrick’s day

The Hamptons butcher

Feijoada (the soul food of Brazil.)  Part: 2

When I’m visiting Brazil, every Wednesday and Saturday I will skip having breafast and start the day on a empty stomach.

I will get my chores and my workout, out of the way so to help me build up a big appetite for lunch.

Why do you ask? 

It’s because Wednesday’s and Saturday’s are the only two days out of the week that Feijoada​ is served.

Feijoada is a dish that uses black beans mixed with linguiça ( Portuguese sausage), some mixed​ up pieces of pork and black beans. It’s cooked in a big pot for hours on a low flame. The smell and the taste feijoada is amazing! I look forward to eating it every time I’m in Brazil.

It’s served on only these 2 days because it takes a long time to make and when it runs out, that’s it for the day!

I will usually make a pig of myself and have 2-౩ plates of feijoada. It has a smokey home cooked smell to it. The only thing I could compare it to is split pea soup, but that doesn’t even come close.

Feijoada also comes with rice, hot sauce, and collard greens. There’s also 1 or 2 friend pork skins that comes with it. I like to sprinkle some farofa on the side to mix in with the Feijoada. 

I usually mix it all together. There’s a lot of great textures and the collard greens give it a nice touch.

It’s best to have a free schedule after eating this meal because you will need time to digest it! 

Feijoada is a popular meal in Brazil. Its derived from peasant food and isn’t a expensive meal for a family to make. The ingredients are simple and if you can make chili, you can make Feijoada.

If you interested in trying to make this yourself​, this kit can be helpful to you. 

If you’re​ unable to go to Brazil, check​ your area for a Brazilian restaurant. Some Portuguese restaurants offer it, but it’s a Brazilian dish, so they may not. If you’re in NYC check out Emporium Brazil. They serve both feijoada and rodizio. I have eaten there many times and leave there with a big smile and an even bigger stomach! 

Tell me your experiences with feijoada in the comments section below .

Be tranquil,

The Hamptons Butcher

TheThe Hamptons butcher goes to Brazil, Part: 1

 There’s nothing  like getting off a plane, being able to breeze through customs and breathing in the warm air of your destination.

My flight from JFK took about 12 hour including flight and check in. This wasn’t my first time to Brazil and it won’t be the last.

Brazil is a magical place filled with warm people, a beautiful culture, and amazing food!

In my next two articles I will be going over a popular style of restaurant that’s​ filled with different cuts meat, and the other I will be writing about is a popular dish that’s the ” soul food ” of Brazil

Rodizio ( Churrascaria ) 

Is a restaurant that’s based around meat! You may have seen or heard of one before! If you love meat, than this is the place for you! Meats of all kinds is cooked on a giant skewers, while a waiter serves it to you. 

The meat is cooked over a fire pit and re-inserted to give the meat a nice char for each serving. 

Usually there is a buffet that serves other items such as salads, beans, fried bananas, and fried polenta.

Rodizio edikit,

In front of you there will be your typical utensils and a plate. After a few minutes you’re greeted by a server with a large spit of meat. You will notice either a ” block or sign ” that will have green on one side and red on the other.

If the block or sign has the red side up, the means the servers will stop coming over to you, but if the ” block or sign ” is green, then they’ll keep serving you meat. 

It’s the same principle as a ” traffic light ” green means ” go ” and red means ” stop!”

When you’re ready to try a piece of meat the server will come over to you and with a pair of tongs. Grab the meat with the tongs as the server cuts the meat off the spit.

It’s like a buffet of rotating meat with different for you to try.

There’s​ a bunch of different kinds of meat that will be served. Beef, pork, chicken and sometimes​ lamb. Each restaurant has thier own cuts that they serve. It’s usually adds up to 8 different cuts of meat to try. Portuguese sausage ( linguiça ) is also cooked over a fire pit and served. The sausage tastes​ great! 

Cuts of meat that you will be served are as followed.

Top round ( Beef )

Picanha – Sirloin tip  ( Beef )

Short ribs ( Beef )

Contra filet – strip steak ( beef )

Filet mignon (beef)

 Chicken breast ( chicken )

Chicken hearts ( chicken )

Whole chicken ( chicken ) 

What should you order ?
That’s entirely up to you! They’re alot of great cuts that are served! It’s up to you to pick them out! 
I prefer the linquiça , pork belly and the Picanha. I never pass up chicken hearts either. They’re a little chewy , but taste great. The linguiça, I like both plain and hot. The Picanha is the best cut of beef on the menu.

As far as drinks are concerned………. I recommend  …

For a non-acholic drink I would recommend guarana

As for acholic drinks skol and Bohemia are great beers for you to try. If you’re in mood for a cocktail, order a Caipirinha. I always will order one when im at a rodizio.

If you’re unable to go to Brazil, but would like to eat at a rodizio, don’t fret. They’re rodizio restaurants in most major cities.

Fogo de chào is popular Brazilian radizio restaurant chain in the united states.

If you want to try to bbq Brazilian style at home check out this kit click here. It’s​ a great kit and will impress your friends and will leave everyone with a happy stomach.

Thank you for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it. Watch for ” The soul food of Brazil ” coming out soon! 

Stay tranquil,

The Hamptons butcher