Learn how to pick out all the TOP CUTS of beef like the HAMPTONS BUTCHER!

Have you ever been to a steak house and didn’t know what to get?

While shopping for meat in your local supermarket, have you ever had to ask an employee ” Is this a good steak “? 

In this article I will go over all the top cuts of beef and what they are.

Rib steak

My favorite cut of beef is ” The first cut rib steak ” from the loin side of the rib !

This is probably my favorite cut of beef out of the bunch! When they’re on sale, I will load up my freezer or buy a whole rib to dry age it.

 The rib comes from the part of the cow that connects to the shoulder on one side, and on the other, connects to the loin. My favorite cut of beef is ” the first cut rib steak” that is from the loin side ” ! 

 This piece has a lot of flavor and it’s very tender. A first cut of rib can be split into halfs, so you can get two steaks out of one rib. When rib steaks aren’t on sale they cost about 15$ lb, So try to load up on them when they’re on sale.

Boneless rib steaks 

  Boneless rib steaks can either come from the loin end, or from the chuck side of the rib ( As in the photo above ). The boneless rib steaks from the chuck side are called (club steaks) and the ones from the loin side are called ( rib eye steaks ). They’re both delicious and I couldn’t suggest you one from the other.

 If you don’t mind a little fat, than a club steak is for you. A rib eye steak has less fat, but it’s also rich in flavor!

Shell steak/Strip steaks

  Shell steak/strip steaks (ss/ss) comes from the short loin of a cow. The filet ( filet mignon ) is scooped off from the bottom of the bone of a shortloin and turns a Porterhouse into a ss/ss. The best cut of SS/SS is the cut that adjoins the loin to the rib ” The Delmonico cut”. If you want to show off ” The Hamptons butcher way “, ask for a Delmonico cut. This is the cut in the photo above. It’s a tender pieces of meat and little effort is needed to cut into it!

For more on SS/SS click here.

Boneless shell steak/strip steak

 Now you’re wondering why do I write both shell steak and strip steak? It’s because strip steak is a more common term used to discribe this cut. The term ” Shell steak ” is old school and it isn’t used as often to describe this cut of beef. Boneless SS/SS are easier to cut, due to the bone has been removed. This is a great cut of beef for people who have problems chewing.

  All the same rules apply when picking out a boneless SS/SS, as they do with a bone in SS/SS. Butchers will often cut them thinner, so be aware when cooking them. An average thickness is 1/2-1 inches thick.

 Filet Mignon

  Everyone knows filet Mignon is the cut most will eat at a fancy restaurant, wedding, or as some do in the Hamptons, ” feed it to thier dogs “. This cut is never recommend for a pet, but some of us demand the best for our animals.

 This cut is extremely tender. It’s best served medium-rare due to its tenderness. A Filet mignon comes from the inner cavity of the loin. A whole piece will wiegh about 5-6 lbs trimmed. If this cut intrests you, than when ordering one, ask for a Pismo cut. This is the piece that is closest to the hind quarter of a cow. A cut from the pismo part of the filet is a bigger piece than, from one in the middle of the loin.

 The cut from the middle of the loin is called a ” medallion “. There is no difference in taste, but just the size.


  The Porterhouse cut is a cut from the shortloin that is from the 1st four cut out of the loin and doesn’t have the bone showing. In-between each shortloin thier is spot where, when you cut through it, the bone won’t be visible. The shortloin is located between the rib and the hip of a cow.

A Porterhouse will be thicker in size than a T-bone. Porterhouse cuts can range from a 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 inches. A nice sized Porterhouse will wiegh about a 24 oz.


The T-bone is cut where the bone is exposed and it forms a ” T ” shape ( hence the name ). It’s the opposite side of the Porterhouse. A T-bone is a little smaller than the Porterhouse is. The T-bone starts after the first four cuts on the shortloin and will form a ” T ” after it’s cut.

A T-bone is a inch in width. This is due to how a short loin tapers towards the rib.

The photo above is a good example of what a good T-bone should look like!

 Sirloin steak

  The Sirloin steak is a cut that has a lot of flavor and is great cut of beef to serve your family. This cut comes from the hind quarter of a cow ( from the hip ) . It’s the most inexpensive cut of beef out the ones I have mentioned. The sirion also has the least amount of fat ( All the steaks I have mentioned have a higher fat content ). Sorry, but it’s the way it goes with the most disired cuts. 

  A single cut of sirion steak will weigh about 1 1/4-1 1/2 lbs. They often go on sale and when buying one, go with one that is cut from the center. There’s less grizel in the center of a Sirloin. Use the photo above as a reference.

If you enjoy eating steak and want try something different, click here. Farofa is a cassava mixture of toasted flour that’s served in Brazilian steakhouses and dinner tables that have steaks on them in South America. 

You simply dip a piece of your meat into it! After trying it, you never eat steak the same way again!

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5 reasons why you should avoid store made ground meat and why you should ground your own!

Ground meat is a popular protein in many meals around the world. People will eat it weekly  “unless you’re a vegetarian”. Ranging from tacos to hamburgers, it’s a main component in most meals. In this post I will be going over 5 reasons why you should give up buying ground meat from a store and start grinding your own meat.

1. Not every meat department is honest!

There are meat departments out there with great people running them. Sometimes there are some that are not well run. When meat is over ordered it becomes old, and over produced. When this occurs, the ground beef might not be fresh and it will look old. In some cases, there are butchers who regrind old ground beef.

 (Above) is a package of “old ground beef”.

When ground beef is old, the bacteria count will go up and you can get sick from it.

You will be able to see the color of these packages and if they look old, or if the date is close to being expired, avoid it!

Always check the date on every package that you buy!

(Above) A tube of ground beef that is used to mix/suplament with ground beef.

2. Additives

( The USDA suggested ” A product that contains pink slime shouldn’t be consumed in large amounts due to it’s exposure to ammonia gas”.)

  In recent years, there has been alot of talk about supermarkets and fast food chains putting in additives into ground beef when they don’t have enough meat to grind. Pink slime, or (lean, finely textured beef) was in the public eye when ABC NEWS did a story called “pink slime. It was reported that, at the time, about 70 percent of the national supermarkets were using this method.

A additive like this will raise or lower the fat percentage that’s in ground beef. This filler was used in other beef products around the nation. The USDA stated “A product that contains pink slime shouldn’t be consumed in large amounts due to it’s exposure to ammonia gas”. The ammonia gas is used to kill off all the bacteria. The European Union has banned the consumption of pink slime and doesn’t see if it fit for human consumption!

I wonder what it would do us?

 (Above) A package of prepackaged organic ground beef.

3. Prepackaged ground meat

{There are alot of different brands of prepackaged meats and ground beef. I will be doing a experiment in the future with prepackaged meat to show how unnatural (map) prosses is.}

They range from the basic cuts of beef to the organic/grassfed cuts of beef. The packages will look red and inviting. They look great, but you might ask yourself, if the shelf life is so long, how does it look so fresh. Just like pink slime products, prepackaged meats go through a process that kills the bacteria in it.

Prepackaged meat under goes a process called gas packing. Gas packing (modified atomosphic packaging) or (MAP). In this process the air is taken out of the package and it’s replaced with a mixture of gasses. The gasses are a blend of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These blends of gasses help preserve the meat by killing the bacteria and preserving the meats color.

It’s unclear if this method is harmful or not, although USDA doesn’t require labels stating that a prepackaged meat product has undergone this process.

4.Because we have a little artisan in all of us!

A lot of you love to experiment with your food. Whether you smoke your meat or make your own pasta, humans feel more fulfilled, when we’re able to create! I have my own mix of cuts of beef that I use to make my own ground beef (that I will be sharing at the end of this article), but you can experiment with mixing different cuts of beef when you own a personal grinder.

You can grind different cut’s to create the ultimate burger, meatballs or meat loaf. Most cuts like Shoulder London broil and sirloin go on sale often “If you are lucky enough, you can even catch a good brisket sale”! When these cuts of beef go on sale they can be even cheaper than the price of ground beef in the store.

Chefs will do this often and people will easily pay 20$ a hamburger out of these cuts of beef.

You get high end quality for pennies on the dollar! 

Most personal grinders come with a sausage making attachment. You will be able to be a mad scientist and create your own sausages out of whatever you want.

5. Personal grinders are a great tool for hunters:

  If you’re a hunter than a personal grinder is perfect for you! You can grind any animal so it’s a no brainier. Whether it’s deer, turkey, or a boar it can be ground. I have a lot of friends that make their own burgers out of venison (deer meat).

(Here is a list below of grinders I recommend )

hand crank:

  Hand crank grinders are old school. Your grandparents probably had one and they might still have one. They can be a little tough to use, because they require mechanical effort. They are easy to clean and store away easily. Hand crank grinders are inexpensive and can cost less than 25$

If this is one you might be interest in click here

Midrange electric grinder:

Electric grinder are easy to use. They come with many attachments and are great for basic home use. I would recommend this for someone who is new to using a grinder. The one I suggest, here goes for 65$. It’s a good one and you will get alot use from this grinder.

If this interests you click here .

Higher end personal grinder:

Here is a top of the line personal grinder. For 210$, you will have a greater grind volume than the other grinders that I have mentioned. It’s great if like doing things in bulk or if you process your own livestock.

If this type of grinder interests you,  click here .

“My personal favorite beef mixture for ground beef is 33% Shoulder London broil, 33% Sirloin steak, and 33% brisket”!

After eating this you will never buy store made ground beef again!

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Looking for something different for dinner? Try these 5 cuts of meat to excite your friends and familyfamily.

We all have come across the same question each day… “What’s for dinner?” or “what do you want to eat?”

Its annoying, and it’s a question we all can never seem to satisfy. 

In this article I will go over different cuts of meat for you, and for your family to enjoy without feeling like they’re eating the same old thing!

Flat iron/chicken steak.

  A Flank iron steak you might see out at a restaurant or you might have seen it on the shelf of your local supermarket. It’s one you have probably seen before, but you have never taken it home. It’s a delicious cut of beef that comes from the neck (chuck) of a cow. The flat iron steak is a thin Yiddish cut of beef. One steak will serve 2 people, but if you’re greedy like me you can eat the whole piece yourself.

A single package weighs less than a pound so it’s not really a big steak. It can be either grilled or cooked in a pan. Being thin it cooks fast, so cook it on a medium flame for 5 minutes on each side is all you need.

Flat iron steaks are cut horizontally, while the chicken steaks are cut virticaly. Both come from the same piece of meat but cut diffently.

 Chicken steak 

No! It doesn’t come from a Chicken! Chicken steaks are another great steak. Popular among central Americans, a chicken steak is something different that will be pleasing to your family. The chicken/flat iron steak are not that expensive. They both range from 4-6$ a pound. As with the flat iron steak, the chicken steak is easy to cook and should be either grilled or pan fried.

There is a membrane in this cut of meat that you will have to cut around. It is in the center of the steak (as in the photo above).

Skirt steak

This one of my personal favorites! The skirt steak comes from the inner wall of the rib cage. It’s a long ribbon of beef that is covered by a membrane. A butcher has to peel the membrane off to get to the skirt steak inside. I feel this preserves the meat and the fat that comes with it, that makes it taste so good.

The texture of the skirt steak is a little chewy but tender. A package of skirt steak will weigh about a 1 1/2-2 lbs . I feel a package will only serve two people. Skirt steak will shrink a little while its being cooked. Servings one medium rare is the only way to go. It’s a thin cut of beef, so keep your eye on it while you are cooking it. The best way to cook a skirt steak is either in a pan or on a grill. Six minutes on each side should be more than enough.

Sirloin tip steak

” I feel it’s one of the best cuts of beef ” 

The Sirloin tip steak is a very uncommon cut of beef. I feel it’s one of the best cuts of beef! It’s extremely tender with a lot of grain, and with a great balance of fat.

This cut comes from the the top cap of the Sirloin. It has a nice layer of fat that I believe is what gives it, it’s amazing flavor.

Sirloin tip steak costs between 6$ to 9$ a pound. A pound will usually net 4 steaks, while a whole cap with net about 8. I would say a 1 1/2 pounds will feed a family of 3.

The best way to cook a Sirloin tip steak is on the grill. You can also cook them in a pan or cut it into small pieces and make beef stroganoff out of them.


 Oxtails are a great meal on a winter’s day. If you enjoy a hardy soup with a great broth, this is your ticket!

It goes well with all vegetables. If you cook it in a pot or crock pot, it’s all the same. If you don’t own one, click here . For under 25$ there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

There’s a lot of health benefits from oxtails. Cultures from around the world regard them highly. Oxtails are great for joint health, it also helps boost your immune system, and  can help over come food intolerance you might suffer from. It’s been also known to help people with allergies.
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5 ways to get the most out of your London broil. 

The ” The London broil” is a staple meal for most Americans”.

In this post I will be going over 5 different ways you can get the most out of your London broil.

I’m a butcher and at least once a week my family and I will eat London broil for dinner. It’s inexpensive and it’s usually on sale. A 2 pound piece of London broil can serve a family of 5 for less then 10$.

It’s a lean piece of meat that can be cooked in multiple ways. Instead of the usual ways, I will be adding some new ideas into your dinner menu.

Round cubes/stew 

You can take a London broil and have your butcher cut into cubes. The size of the cubes depends on yourself. Smaller cubes are best for stew, while the bigger ones are good for Shish kabobs. Stew meat and cubes of beef for Shish kabobs tend to cost alot more per pound than a London broil. Having your butcher do this for you will save you alot of money.

Cubed steak 

  A cubed steak is another great way to get the most out of your London broil. A London broil that weighs 1 1/2 lbs will net about 5-6 cubed steaks. Cubed steaks, “minute steak” cook fast. It takes about 4 minutes for each side in a hot pan to cook them . You can even bread them and fry them “chicken fried steak”! Normally cubed steaks will go for above 6$ a pound in your local supermarket, while a London broil on sale cost as little as 3$ a pound. It’s a great deal if London broil is on sale. Most supermarkets don’t charge to have this done, so take advantage of your butcher!

 Stir fry 

 Stir fry is another way to transfrom  your London broil into something different you will enjoy. Cut into thin (shoe string like) strips, just like they do in your favorite asain restaurants. Just add a couple of vegetables and you can have a healthy, hardy meal for under $12. You can attempt to do this yourself, or just ask your butcher do do this for you.

Pepper steak 

 Pepper steak is great way to go to get the most out of your London broil! The London broil is cut into strips and are about a fingers length in size. Just like the cubed steak, the pepper steak sells for around $6.lb. Having you or your butcher do this to your London broil saves a lot money. The best way to cook pepper steak I think is with onions, mushrooms and noodles.

Lean ground beef 

A package of lean ground beef could be had out of your London broil. One London broil is as lean as a package of 85% lean ground beef. Your butcher should be able to do this, but we use a industrial grinder and it’s hard to grind just one package. Being a industrial meat grinder, we grind our beef in bulk. A little bit of your London broil will be lost if you have your butcher grind it for you. I have a personal grinder a that works great. You can grind pork, veal and lamb as well. Some people prefer to grind thier own meat, so they know exactly what they’re eating. If you are in search of a good personal meat grinder click the link below. They’re are handy and don’t cost much. VonShef Digital Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Mincer Sausage Maker 


: To learn how to never pick out bad ground beef, just click here


 For a interesting, inexpensive meal, have your butcher butterfly a London broil

I butterfly my London broil and roll it up “no jokes please” and add provolone cheese and spinach. You can add anything you like, you can even add bacon or other vegetables. All you need is string and your favorite ingredients.

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5 types of meat for all of my Spartans out there.

I know a lot of you work hard, play hard and most of all you train hard! 
When you train hard, protein is a essential part your diet. 


  There has been a lot of talk about how red meat raises a males testosterone. Consumed moderately, it can be beneficial to your diet. There are all kinds of red meat that are lean, will promote muscle growth, and most of all “taste great”!

If you’re not into beef, it’s ok. There are other types of meat that will give you the protein that you need. Chicken, turkey and pork have lean cuts also that will help you out with variety in your diet.

Flank steak 

  Flank steaks are amazing! It’s a perfect cut of beef for the grill. The fat content for a whole flank steak (the entire piece) is about 32 grams, while the protein content for a whole flanks steak is about 106 grams. A whole flank wieghs about 2lbs . That’s  very lean for a cut of red meat!

The price for a flank steak ranges from 5.99 lb (on sale) to 7.99 lb (off sale). A whole flank steak will serve about 3 people. It mixes well with vegetables​, quinoa, and brown rice.

90% ground beef 

  90% lean ground beef can easily be found anywhere and breed selections of ground beef are abundant. Whether you like grassfed, Angus or all natural beef, they’re easy to find. It’s also inexpensive. Priced under $6 a pound, it won’t breaking the bank to get lean ground beef.

Being lean, 90% lean ground beef has about 200 calories, 24 grams of protein, and 11 grams per 4 onces. That’s about a hamburger pattie size of beef. Who doesn’t like a hamburger?

{You can also learn more about ground beef by clicking here!}

If you’re a person who questions “how lean store grade ground beef is”, check out this personal grinder. It’s capable of grinding all kinds of meat, and you can make your own sausage with it also!


Bonless center cut pork loin 

Pork is usually known for having a high fat content, but a center cut pork loin (ccpl) is a leaner cut of pork. If you trim a ccpl well, you will have a lean cut of meat with a high level of protein. A ccpl that has been trimmed will, can be tough if it’s over cooked. I feel for the best result, you should cook it in a crock pot or roast it in your oven. 

The nutritional facts for the ccpl goes as followed. There is about 8 grams of fat, 24 grams of protein that equates to 170 calories form a 4 once serving. There is also 515 mg of patasium.

You can serve your ccpl as a whole roast or have your butcher cut it into chops for you. They’re on sale a lot and can go from 1.99 lb (on sale) to 4.99lb (off sale).

If your interested in learning more about boneless center cut pork loin click here.

Bonless turkey breast.

   Turkey breast is another good option for lean protein. It has less saturated fat than red meat does. A butterflied breast ( as in the photo above)  is easy to grill or roll it up and add your favorite ingredients to make a pinwheel out of it. You can keep your bonless turkey breast whole, butterflied, or cut into cutlets. You can also have you butcher cut it into small cubes and make a soup with it.

The bonless turkey breast is a friend to any diet! At 130 calories per 4 ounce serving size, you get 28 grams of protein and .50 grams of fat. It’s the lowest amount of calories and the highest and of protein per serving than any of the meats that are mentioned.

Most of the time bonless turkey costs less than 5 $ a pound. A average package is about 2 pounds. Most supermarkets will cut up turkeys, so they’re easy to come by.

Boneless chicken thighs 

Boneless/skinless chicken thighs (bsct) are not a as lean as chicken breast, but they’re high in protein. The little extra fat is good for flavor. A customer of mine who is a bodybuilder told me about this. If you, or if you have your butcher trim off the extra fat, it will make it leaner.

(Bsct) cost less than 3$ a pound. They’re amazing in soup or to put into a crock pot. The calories for a (bsct) goes as followed… In a 4oz serving size you get 4.5 grams of fat, 22 grams of protein that will add 130 Calories to your diet. When I saw the numbers myself I was surprised. I thought the fat content would be higher.
I hope this article is helpful. If you would like learn or see posts on other cuts of meat just message me ! I will be glad to help!

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4 meats for your Christmas feast.

Christmas is a couple of weeks away, and you’re unsure about what to serve?

Well keep reading and stop worrying! 

Your favorite butcher butcher is here to help you!

  Christmas by is by far the most overwhelming holiday. Not only do we have to serve guests, but also we have to buy gifts for our friends and family. People want to serve a great meal, but have a hard time figuring out what to cook. I will be going over what’s popular for this holiday. I’m in charge of all the holiday orders where I work and I can easily help you out . There are a couple of choices i will be writing about, and I will help you find what’s best for you.

 Pork crown roast

The pork crown roast hasn’t been to popular in the past couple of years, but I have few customers who still ask for it. A pork crown roast is made up of 2 rib end loins of pork tied up to each other. Pork crown roasts come to be between 10-14 chops. The bones are usually frenched to give it a fancy look.

A rule of thumb is 2 chops per person. You might be able to get away with 1 chop per person if your guest are light eaters. This is a great way to gauge how big of a crown roast you will need. It’s best to cook your crown roast at 350 degrees at a half of a hour per pound.

Spiral ham

 Cooking one is just a matter of heating one up.”

  A spiral ham is either a Shank or butt half of a ham. Pre-sliced and marinated in usually a brown sugar or honey glaze. They’re precooked, so they’re easy to prepare. Spiral hams most often come with cooking instructions. Cooking one is just a matter of heating one up.

The recommended serving is a pound per person. One spiral ham will serve 7-10 people. They’re a great last minute holiday meal ideas and most supermarkets have them on sale during the holidays. I prefer the honey glaze myself.

Top round roast

  Top round roasts are a nice meal for the holidays that doesn’t cost that much. There isn’t a bone to cut around and it’s easy to serve. A five pound piece will serve a family of 9. The top round roast is a hardy piece of meat. The photo above is a good reference point in how a nice top round sound look.

When you order one, ask your butcher to tie some fat around it. When your roast cooks in the oven, the fat will drip down and make it juicy. Always check your grain. You want a piece with alot of marbling, like the one below. Twenty minutes to a pound is how you should cook it in the oven. Once finished you should let your roast rest for 5 minutes before serving.

” A rib roast is the Cadillac of the holiday meals. Being invited to a holiday party where it’s being served is a gift in of itself”!

Rib roast 

  A rib is a great piece of meat to serve for the holidays. There is nothing better than a rib roast in my book! It’s savory and delicious. A rib roast is the Cadillac of the holiday meals. Being invited to a holiday party where it’s being served is a treat in of itself! It’s the most expensive of the bunch, but the best tasting.

When you’re ready to order one, the best way to figure out how much you need is, one rib for two people. So, four ribs will serve eight people. A rib roast comes with a bone so ask your butcher to take rib the off the bone, and tie it back on. This will make it easy to slice it when you’re ready to serve your roast. You can also have your butcher tie fat on around roast so the fat can drip into the meat. A rib roast is best cooked 20 minutes per pound to have your roast come out medium rare. After its finished, let it Stand (rest outside the oven) for 5 minutes before serving!                                                                                                                                                     p.s—No holiday meal is complete with out a good knife set.- —                           — If you need it fast for the holidays click here

Enjoy your holidays! Thanks for letting me help you with your holiday meal, I know after reading this your holiday will taste a whole lot better.

Happy holidays, The Hamptons butcher 

The score on how to pick out a Fresh ham for the Holidays!

Fresh hams are a great meal for a holiday meal, or to cook for a family on a Sunday.

A Fresh ham comes from the hind leg of a pig. There is multiple ways you can order it and cook it. You can order a fresh ham, a shank half, or a butt half. Depending on how many people you are feeding, how you’re going to cooking it, and how you plan to serve it.

” The Fresh hams is a popular meal on Christmas day and New years day”.

The Fresh ham is a good meal for the holidays, or a Sunday meal with your family. Cooking one takes a couple of hours and is best to cook it on your day off. The fresh ham is a popular meal on Christmas day and New years day.In this article, I will be going over how to order one , ways to have it butchered and whats the best cut for you.

Above is a image of a Whole fresh ham

A whole Fresh weighs between 18-22 pounds. The Fresh ham comes from the hind legs of a pig. The top of the ham is considered the “Butt half ” and the lower end is the ” Shank half”. A whole Fresh ham will serve 18 people easily. The size of one is similar to a briefcase. Generally it should be cooked at 350 degrees, at a half of a hour per pound.

Above is a Butt half of a fresh ham

A Butt half of ham is the half of a Whole fresh ham that connects to the hip of a pig. Most people feel that this piece tastes the best. The Butt half wieghs between 8-12 pounds and is about the size of a rugby ball. It has less meat than a Shank half, but will feed 7 people with no problem. A Butt half should be cooked at 350 degrees, at a half of a hour per pound.

Above is a Shank half of a fresh ham.

The Shank half of pork is the lower part of a Whole fresh ham. About the size of a soccer ball, a whole Fresh ham easily feeds 8-1 0 people. It’s weighs between 8-12 pounds and it will have more meat than the Butt half. The bone runs straight through and is simple for your butcher to remove. Just like the others, the Shank half should be cooked at 350 degrees at a half of a hour per pound. Always check your hams temperature with a meat thermometer. They’re cheap and one can be had for less than 10$ click here 

What you need to know, when buying your Fresh Ham 

Always check the color and look at the grain. I prefer a nice light color. Just a shade lighter than pink. Look at the color of the skin also. If it’s dark and hard, it usually means it’s old. The grain should run through out the face of the ham. Just like beef or lamb, you want to check the grain.

Above is the face of a butt half of ham.

Getting the bone removed.  Just ask your butcher to remove your bone. Most people will have their ham tired back up after the bone is removed. Some people will want the bone removed and have the butcher just cut around the bone. This is good if you plan to stuff your ham.   If you want your bones back for a stock, just remind your butcher.Your bone weighs between half pound to a pound, so take this into consideration when you figure out how long to cook it. A whole Fresh Ham’s bone weighs over a pound.

Scoring your ham. Is simply having your butcher put slashes to the outside of your ham so your ham can absorb the seasoning and to make the skin crunchy.

Above is a “scored” Whole Fresh ham.

A quick tip: 

Ask your butcher to remove the glands while he or she is boning out your ham. Most of the time they’ll do it, but it’s good to remind them. People also like to have their hams butterflied, so they can be grilled.


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Dry aging a Loin of beef: part 2


28 days is finally up! It‘s been hard to watch my loin of beef age and not able to eat it. The process was simple and required only a few items and time.
In part 2 of “dry aging a Loin a of beef” I will be going over how to trim the loin, how to cut around the bone and the easiest way to cut it into steaks. When you trim your loin , you don’t want to over trim it. Meat is expensive and you don’t want any to go to waste.

This is the first bone i cut around.

Cutting around the bones:

   Always face the knife away from you while trimming and de-boning a piece of meat. I can’t stress this enough and it will save your fingers. Always cut your meat on a cutting board. This keeps the meat from sliding around. Place the loin upside down with the fat against the board. You will use the blade of your knife to separate the bone from the meat. You will have to do this in 3 parts. Once all the bones are taken out, it’s considered Boneless.

The 1st part is to scoop out the front bone.

The Loin of beef with the front bone taken off.

After the front bone is scooped out , you’ll need to get the three little ones in the middle, and then the bones that are on the bottom. The bones in the middle and on the bottom take a little work to get out.

These bones are in the middle and you will need to use the tip of the knife to get around them. * Keep you finger away from the blade.


The exposed meat, and the meat around the bones dry up and become tough. It’s best to take your time and go slow.

The “bottom bone” that I removed. I put the tip of the knife under this bone to separate it.

   Warning ;  The dried meat is tough so be careful and cut away from yourself and watch your fingers!  

The dried out, outer part of the loin of beef that will be trimmed off.

Now you’re ready to trim the dried up meat away. 

As the same way you remove the bones, you will trim off the fat. The blade of the knife should be facing away from you. Take off thin slivers of the dried beef with a long stroke. Doing it with little Stokes will on make it look messy.

I found it’s easiest to start trimming, is with face of the loin. After the face, I will trim the outer fat and any dried up dark spots. Once you have trimed the outer part you are left with a soft tender center. Slice your steaks to a width you desire. I cut mine at around a half to three quarters of a inch thick.

The loin of beef with the dried out meat removed. look at the beautiful color of the center.

.“When you cook your steaks you have to be careful”.

Dry aged steaks cook faster than non-dry aged. So, when you cook your steaks, you have to be careful! I cooked mine in a pan for 5 minutes on each side. I cooked them on a medium flame. Just rub a little olive oil and add a  little salt/pepper. You can grill your steaks also, but you have to cut them a inch thick or better. This will keep you from over cooking them.

Quick tips;

1. Make sure you use a cutting board and always trim/cut away from your fingers 

2. Make sure you have a sharp knife (for one i suggest click here) and a good cutting board click here.

3. Don’t over cook your meat. Medium rare is way to serve a dry age steak.

4. Enjoy your efforts!

* Disclaimer!! If you try this at home, use extreme caution! I am a professional and still get cut from time to time. You are responsible for yourself if you try this at home!

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The Hamptons butcher 


The art of “picking out and handling a Thanksgiving turkey”!

” It ain’t cool being a jive talking turkey this close to Thanksgiving”.  Trading places 

It’s far less cool being unprepared for Thanksgiving and not having your turkey ready!  

In this article, I will have you prepared and ready for Thanksgiving, and i will be take out all your guess work in picking out your Thanksgiving turkey!

Picking out a turkey for Thanksgiving is tough. You have to think what turkey you should buy , how many people you’re going to be feeding, and should your turkey be “fresh or frozen”. There is a lot to think about, and it could be overwhelming. People tend to either Wait to long to buy thier turkey, or people don’t give their Turkey’s enough time to defrost.

The turkey on the left is a tom and the turkey on the right is a hen.


   Let start with frozen Turkeys. When buying a frozen turkeys they’re are a few to things to sort out. You have to figure out how big of a Turkey you need and how may people you’ll be serving. The rule of thumb is a pound per person. I always refer this to my customers and use this method for myself.

If you are feeding less than 14 people I would go with a Hen turkey. The hen is a female turkey and the size of a hen ranges from 10-14 pounds.They’re about the size of a basketball. A 12lbs Hen turkey will feed about 8 people. Sometimes you can find one a little bigger than 14lbs, but it’s rare.

Above is a frozen hen turkey.

A Tom turkey is a male turkey. Tom turkeys wieghs between 16-25 pounds. They’re about the size of a medicine ball and are twice the size of a Hen turkey. A Tom turkey that weighs about 20 lbs will serve 14 people easily (with some left overs).I feel there is no difference in taste between the Hen and Tom turkey.

Above is a Tom turkey thats frozen.


The method of figuring out how big of a turkey you need is universal, and applies to both frozen and fresh Turkeys. 

Before you can cook a frozen turkey, it has to be defrosted. Depending on it’s size, it might take longer to defrost. A Hen turkey weighing between 10-14 lbs will take 3 days to defrost in the back of your refrigerator. It takes 3 days to defrost fully and to be cooked on the 4th day. Some people say 2 days, but it’s cutting it close, I think, and it still might be a little frozen.

If you’re planning on defrosting a Tom turkey, you will need more time to defrost it, due to its size. You should allow 4 days for defrosting, and to be cooked on the 5th day. The bigger they are, the longer they will take to defrost.

You should buy your turkey 56 days before Thanksgiving. Most fresh turkeys this time of year have a shelf life of 10 days or more. If you’re planning on buying a fresh turkey, check that sell by date on the label. If you have trouble finding it, just ask the butcher or a employee for help.

   If you want to go with a fresh turkey,  the method of “a pound, per person” still applies. The sell by date is the most important thing to be aware of. You don’t want to buy a turkey with a sell by date (sbd) that expires on or before Thanksgiving. The more days the turkey has till expiration, the fresher it will be.

The turkey above is a good example of a fresh hen .


Organic Turkeys will go bad faster and will offen go bad before there sbd . Before buying your turkey look at it and see how it’s  symmetrically shaped. Above is a good reference of a turkey with good symmetry. Next, smell your turkey to see if there is any odor to it. If it’s going bad you can smell it through the package.

What brand of Turkey I would suggest? 

I prefer a couple of brands. For the frozen turkeys I would hands down go with Butterball and after that shadybrook. Both are highly requested. As for fresh Turkey’s go, I would recommend Butterball and Shadybrook. When it comes to all natural turkeys, I would recommend Bell and Evans and Murray’s Turkeys. Both are organic and raised and euthanized to the highest standard! They’re also, most importantly, taste great.

p.s.  A turkeys should be cooked to the brands recommendations! Some brands offer pop up timers, but they’re known to fail from time to time. A good cooking thermometers are easy to come by and a good tool everyone should have. click here to buy one.


Be safe, be tranquil 

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Hamptons butcher 


Dry aging a Loin of Beef : Part 1

Dry aging beef is a great way to turn a great steak into a amazing one! 


I will be taking a loin of beef that was on sale and dry aging it for 28 days.   


So, what’s the big deal about dry aging beef? 


   Dry aging is a process that is used to tenderise and enhance a meats flavor. It is a process that requires time, refrigeration and space. Beef that has been dry aged is expensive because aging takes a lot of time.  This is the reason it cost so much for a dry aged steak in a restaurant. It’s like a fine wine and a whisky with age on it , the longer it ages, the more desirable it comes.  Prime cuts are what’s normally used to be dry age. As I mentioned a dry age steak is expensive, a cut of dry aged beef in a restaurant will cost around a $100 a steak. 

What does the process consist of?

   Dry aging starts by selecting a cut of beef. A Rib, Shell, or Porterhouse are commonly used. Most people will tell you to use a prime cut. I feel a good Angus cut of beef will work just as good. Make sure there is good marbling and a nice color to your piece.

You want to dry it of with paper towel and put it in a pan with a metal rack. I used a plastic container cover to rest the meat on and used a plate as the base.

The outer part of the beef will get black and leathery, while the inside will lose moisture and the enzymes will break the meat down. This is what makes it tender. The dried out outer part will keep mold from growing inside the meat.

How did I picked out the meat I am using. 

The cut I am using is a Loin cut of beef. I used the side closest to the rib. This is a great cut that has a lot of flavor. I used a Angus cut of beef. It’s about 5 inches long and weighs about 5 pounds (keep your jokes to yourself). By the time I reach 28 days, my piece should shrink to 34 pounds. That’s enough for about 4 steaks. In the photo above is a good cut of meat that you use as a reference. It has great color and marbling.  

To learn how to pick out a shell steak click here


When the meat is finished drying I will have to trim off all of the outer dried out parts to get the editable center. I originally thought this would be 3 parts but I cut it down to 2 blogs. In part 2, I will go over how to trim it.

I used :

2 container caps

1 plate as a base.

If your’re nervous about doing this in your refrigerator, try this kit by UMAi Dry. They have a nice little kit that is highly recommended and is easy to use. click here

(Above) A loin cut of beef that has been only aging for a couple of days.

Stay tuned for the second part of this article coming at the end of this month!

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