learn how to never pick out “bad ground beef” again!

     On the left are 3 different types of ground beef, with 3 different levels of fat content.
“Has either one of your grandparents has ever asked you to buy them ground chuck , round or sirloin and you’re never able to find it” ?       

   Ground beef “back in the day” used to go by these fraises but have changed in recent years due to ground beef doesn’t consent of those cuts. It’s kind of like false advertising so it’s simpler and more profitable for supermarkets to go by fat content these days. It is also a regulation in some states.

   If you ask your butcher to grind you a piece of meat, I’m sure they will, but it will be more expensive to grind a sirloin or a brisket than a buying package with the fat content on it. Ground beef today is ground with fattier cuts of beef for the (80% lean ground beef), and for the (90% lean ground beef) a butcher will use a more leaner cut.
  IMG_20160821_121933050 90% lean ground beef 

   The 90% lean ground beef is as lean as you’re going to get with lean ground beef. Usually made from cuts like the Top round, the Shoulder and Sirloin. Out of the 3 grounds of beef that are mentioned, 90% ground beef has fewer calories of them all. The 90% ground beef is good for those who are into fitness. You can make anything from chilli to hamburgers. You have to be careful though, because the leaner it is , the easier it can break apart!

IMG_20160821_121938545 85% lean ground beef 

The 85% lean ground beef is the in-between ground of beef! Great for everything and it doesn’t has a lot of fat. The 85% groud beef cuts are from all over the cow. It has rich texture and forms together well to make anything out of it. I prefer this grind for meatloaf. You can tell the slight color contrast from the both of them. When the color is bright red it is lean and when the color is a lighter shade of red, it means a higher fat content.

IMG_20160821_121941953 80% lean group beef 

  The 80% lean ground beef is the fattiest of them all. Made mostly from cuts of chuck meat it is the best tasting. As the saying goes” the fat gives it flavor”! I prefer this grind of beef for chilli and meatballs. It binds well together and makes a great burger! This grind is the least expensive of them all and is the most consumed by all of America! You will find this grind of on sale the most also!

   Sometimes you will notice when you open up a package of ground beef the center is a different color than the outside. The reason is the center is sealed by the fat in the meat, and the air hasn’t reach the center of the ground beef. This is normal and is good to eat!

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