Pot this, 4 reasons why you won’t mind the cold!

Now that fall is upon us our cooking habits change!

The days are getting shorter, and day light is becoming less. The leaves are changing color, and the temperature is turning cooler. Even though I love my bbq , I also love potting meat as well. In this week’s post I will be going over just that!

I will be going over some soup cuts of beef. In a later post I will focus more on potting roasts

Short ribs

(Above) 4 beautiful pieces of Short ribs!

Short ribs, like all meat you that you pot, should be cooked slow with a low flame to have it become tender. In picking out a package try to get thick meaty pieces like in the photo above. Sometimes there are slender and boney pieces that you should avoid. They have very little meat on them.

Short ribs can be fatty but are great for potting and go well with any vegetables and any potato! Before potting, browning in a pan is the best way to go.

Sirloin for stew

(Above) Sirloin steak cut into cutes for stew.

Stew is a common meal but are you getting the most tender pieces of stew for your family? In my house there are only two cuts of beef that I use for stew, one is Sirloin steak and the other is Shoulder London broil. Both are tender and make a great pot of stew.

Sirloiyn can be a bit more expensive than the normally package you get in your supermarket. As with all the cuts of meat I mention today, it pairs well with most vegetables and potatoes.

(Above) A proper Sirloin that could be cut into stew!

When picking out your sirloin look for good marbling and, a fresh vibrant colored piece of meat ! A package over a pound should due for a family of four.
Shoulder London broil for stew

(Above) shoulder London broil.

When picking out a Shoulder London broil look for the same thing I mentioned about the Sirloin steak. Marbling, color and how fatty the steak is should be taken into account. Also for a family of four , a piece over a pound will due. These are great as is if you cook them in a pressure cooker! All shoulder meat is delicious!

Look for these steak when they’re on sale. Sometimes they can go as little as $1.99 lb .

Shin of Beef

(Above) A Shin of beef.

A Shin of beef is Usually as tough as hell! After being cooked in a crock pot or a pot of soup for hours the meat breaks down, and becomes tender and delicious! The secret why shin meat tastes good when it’s cooked in a pot, is the Marrow from the bone! It is very fatty but healthy, all the nutrients found in the marrow itself.

A lot of Asian cultures will cook with this meat for the health factors it provides. This cut is priced around 5$ a lb and goes for about 5$ a package.

Ox tails

Ox tails are my favorite out the bunch! They are delicious! Like the shin of beef, the oxtail is extremely healthy.

I feel that all oxtails cuts are good. some people like the smaller ones because they’re easy to suck on and others prefer the bigger thick , meaty ones. I say go with what you feel what size is best for you. When picking them out you can use the photo above as a standard for picking one out!

The price for oxtails have gone up in recent years a package that’s good for potting cost’s around 9$.

I feel cooking your meat with a pot is one of the best ways to cook meat. Its easy a crock pot can cost less the 20$ on Amazon click here. It will warm you up on a cold day and satisfy you after a long day of work!

Thanks for your support everyone! I hoped you enjoyed this and if your have questions or would like me to do a post on certain cut of me message me.

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Never pick out a bad shell/strip steak again!

Have you ever picked out a good piece of meat and then after eating  it, you realized it was a bad one?


“People ask me, how do i pick out a good Shell/Strip steak?”

  Above is a photo of a shell/strip from the loin end.
  In this post I will teach to you how to pick out a great Shell steak/Strip steak, so next time they’re on sale you’ll be able to bring home a winner for your family! Above is a ugly looking shell/strip steak!

I feel the cut of Shell/Strip steak that is from the hip end of the loin is a not so great steak. It tends to be a bit tougher and fattier than from the Rib end. If you see a package like this ( (like the one below), avoid it at all costs!

A package you would want to avoid while picking out shell/strip steaks!

A package that looks like this, I would avoid.

The center cut shell/strip steaks of beef are good cut of steak. They’re not the best cut but, sometimes you’re at the mercy of selection! The center cuts are good for children and people who prefer a smaller steak. Usually if cut at a inch thick each steak will weigh less then a 3/4 of a pound.

(above) a center cut shell/strip loin of beef.
(Above) a cente

 Now for the most desirable cut of Shell/Strip loin of beef that’s considered the best cut.

The Delmonico cut of Shell/Strip steak is adjoined to the first cut of rib . This cut is very tender and has the most amount of meat per steak. There are only one to two Delmonico cuts per shell. Instead of asking for a Delmonico cut, you can also ask your butcher for a rib end cut of the Shell. The name is different but your butcher will know exactly what you’re talking about. A steak a inch in height will generally weigh over a 3/4 of a pound.

I love when the Shell/Strip steak is on sale! It cooks about 7 minutes per each side to become medium rare .

Remember, always look for good marbling and a beautiful colors ! Use this pick below as reference for the next time your in the mood for


shell/strip streak!img_20160908_093004005

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learn how to pick out a boneless pork roast, and have your butcher cut it up for you?


Above: A boneless pork roast and some  pork chops.


Ok so here is a good example of a proper Pork Roast!


The boneless Pork roast is a inexpensive and is a delicious cut of meat. Normally on sale for 1.99 per pound to 3.99 per pound. A average piece wieghs from 2-5 pounds. A small roast can easily feed a family of 4, while a big one could serve 9 people!

“Ok so what do look for in a Pork roast”? 


The color of the roast is what I first look for. As in the  photo below, I like my pork pink with white marbling.

marbling:img_20160910_095555757 This piece here has all the right things I look for in a Pork roast! Great color, good marbling and a beautiful layer of fat!

   Marbling is very important! It what makes any meat tender. Like in the photo above you want the fat spread throughout the roast.


img_20160910_095548394 Above: A great layer of fat.

   The fat is important. It’s what gives the pork it’s flavor. The fat will keep the roast from drying out! Often people will ask me to trim the fat off to only cook it and have the roast come out tough. Keep the fat on!

“So I have a roast, what are my options I could do with it”?

   If you have a roast you can have your butcher do a couple of things.

You can have your roast cut into chops img_20160911_111821

   Cutting your roast into chops is simple and the average 2 1/2 pound roast should net about 8 chops a inch thick. Usually a regular sized chop is about a inch thick while a thick chop is about 1 1/2-2 inches.

Pork cutlets img_20160910_100233117                     

   Pork cutlets are great! You can bread them and fry them, make a pinwheel with cheese and spinach or make a brasciole out of them and put them into your sauce. I do this every time they are sale.

Once again! Thank you for all your support!

   Stay tuned this fall and winter for holiday cuts of meat, how to pick out a turkey and some uncommon cuts to surprise your families with! 

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