learn how to pick out a boneless pork roast, and have your butcher cut it up for you?


Above: A boneless pork roast and some  pork chops.


Ok so here is a good example of a proper Pork Roast!


The boneless Pork roast is a inexpensive and is a delicious cut of meat. Normally on sale for 1.99 per pound to 3.99 per pound. A average piece wieghs from 2-5 pounds. A small roast can easily feed a family of 4, while a big one could serve 9 people!

“Ok so what do look for in a Pork roast”? 


The color of the roast is what I first look for. As in the  photo below, I like my pork pink with white marbling.

marbling:img_20160910_095555757 This piece here has all the right things I look for in a Pork roast! Great color, good marbling and a beautiful layer of fat!

   Marbling is very important! It what makes any meat tender. Like in the photo above you want the fat spread throughout the roast.


img_20160910_095548394 Above: A great layer of fat.

   The fat is important. It’s what gives the pork it’s flavor. The fat will keep the roast from drying out! Often people will ask me to trim the fat off to only cook it and have the roast come out tough. Keep the fat on!

“So I have a roast, what are my options I could do with it”?

   If you have a roast you can have your butcher do a couple of things.

You can have your roast cut into chops img_20160911_111821

   Cutting your roast into chops is simple and the average 2 1/2 pound roast should net about 8 chops a inch thick. Usually a regular sized chop is about a inch thick while a thick chop is about 1 1/2-2 inches.

Pork cutlets img_20160910_100233117                     

   Pork cutlets are great! You can bread them and fry them, make a pinwheel with cheese and spinach or make a brasciole out of them and put them into your sauce. I do this every time they are sale.

Once again! Thank you for all your support!

   Stay tuned this fall and winter for holiday cuts of meat, how to pick out a turkey and some uncommon cuts to surprise your families with! 

Thanks again kfm

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Hello, and welcome. I am the Hamptons butcher and have been a butcher fr 20 years. I traveled a lot and studied different cuts of meat from around the world. I enjoy what i do, but i enjoy even the art behind what i do.

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