Pork belly anyone?

Over the last couple of years this cut of pork has been gaining in popularity!          

(Above) Pork belly


“So what’s the big deal with pork bellies”?

When Pork bellies are cooked correctly, they’re great! They are extremely tender and its easy to make a “pig of yourself” while eating them.The combination of fat, meat and skin is what makes them great.

A popular cut of pork served in bbq styled restaurants all over the united states. I have also seen the skin cut into little cubes and served over collared greens.

I have also heard people making thier own home made bacon out of them.

The pork belly is synonyms with its name. It’s from the belly of the pig.

(Above) A whole pork belly.

How do pick one out?  

   Picking one out dependents on how may people you feed.

Preferably you want a piece with a light color and a fresh pink glow. The darker the pork is , the older it is! You also want a piece with a firm but tender feel. If it’s overtly loose or sticky to the touch avoid it.


(Above) A beautiful cavity side of Pork belly. NOTICE the fresh color of the meat and bones! 

A whole Pork belly will serve a family of 5 easily.If you buy a whole one and have a small grill, you might want to ask your butcher cut it into 3 pieces. A whole Pork belly is about 23 inches. If you have a smaller family, a 4 rib piece will do. Most people either grill them or smoke them.

(Above) 2 pieces Pork belly cut from a whole piece.

Another way to order them is to have them sliced. When they are sliced it is easier to cook them in a grill. They will also cook faster as well. Usually one rib will feed each person depending how much you can eat.

(Above) Pork belly sliced.

1.When ordering take account of how many you are feeding.
2. Always check the color of your meat and it’s bones (if there are any).

3. FIgure out how you going to cook it, to figure out how to have it cut.

4. When ever you need help , just ask your butcher or message  🙂

Thanks everyone!

Best of luck, and when in doubt, go with meat!


Author: kfm

Hello, and welcome. I am the Hamptons butcher and have been a butcher fr 20 years. I traveled a lot and studied different cuts of meat from around the world. I enjoy what i do, but i enjoy even the art behind what i do.

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