Learn how to pick out a amazing Pot roast!

Here are a some good “Pot roasting ideas”, for you to pot for those cold days ahead.

(above) Three proper pieces of Boneless Chuck roast.

It’s time to break out your crock pot!   

I love to eat pot roast this time of year, and so do a lot of you. They’re easy to cook and if you own a crock pot, there is nothing to cooking one! If your’re single or a college student it’s a must. A crock pot can cost less than 20$ click here on Amazon.  In this post we will go over the different cuts of beef and how to pick out a proper one!

So what’s a pot roast? 

   A Pot roast can be many different cuts, from different parts of the cow. It’s usually from the fattier sections of the cow. Once i had a Chef ask “why wouldn’t I suggest a boneless loin roast to pot”? I answered him like this ” Pot roast comes from the basic cuts of the cow. When it’s cooked properly it doesn’t matter how fancy the cut of meat is”. Buying a expensive cut of beef like a “filet roast or beef loin roast” to pot, is just silly!

A Pot roast is a simple cut of meat cooked slowly cooked with basic ingredients, that’s all that is needed.All you need is a pot, water and vegetables. Its a inexpensive meal that goes a long way and is….. always tastes better the next day! 

  • Bottom round roast
(Above) A whole Bottom round sectioned into three pieces. The left piece is the (Bottom round) in the center (Bottom round Center cut) and on the right is the ( Rump).

The Bottom round cut is the cut that is on the left side of the photo above. It’s the cheapest out of all the roasts but, is a cut with a good grain and goes a long way! Sizes range from 3-6 lbs. I feel anything bigger than 4 lbs you are going to have to cut into half to fit it into a pot.

(Above) Bottom round

The Center cut of the Bottom round is a personal favorite of mine! I feel that it has a good grain with a lot of meat. As you can see in the photo below, it’s just a lovely cut . Sizes tend to range from 3-4 lbs . Keep that in mind when picking one out. The Center cut of Bottom Round and Bottom round roast are usually 3-4 $ lb.

(Above) Center cut bottom round .

The Rump roast is the cut that is on the far right in the photo below. It has a lot of grain and most people feel it’s the best cut from the bottom round. The Rump costs a little more than the other two, but won’t break the bank. The Rump roast tends to range from 3-6 lbs.

(Above) Rump roast.

All Rump roast cuts come from the hind of a cow. Generally they’re little tuff , but when they are slow cooked it is as tender as hell! The Rump roast will cost around 4-5$ lb on average.

Ok, how about some Shoulder roasts?

(Above) a beautifully grained boneless Shoulder roast.

A Shoulder roast is another wonderful cut of beef for potting! It is on sale alot during the cooler months and is a hearty piece of meat. This cut comes from the shoulder of the cow. The Shoulder roast is a marriage between being lean and having good marbling. I prefer this cut of beef  for when I make my chopmeat. The Shoulder roast size ranges from 2 1/2 -6 lbs. They cost around 5$ lb, and is even cheaper when it is on sale!

(Above) A Boneless Chuck roast

The Boneless Chuck roast is the Cadillac of the roasts that I have mentioned. It has it all! Flavor, marbling and great texture! This roast tends to be bigger in diameter.The Boneless chuck roast are about 8 inches in diameter . The cut from the center (as in the photo above)  is a good reference in choosing a roast

The Boneless chuck roast does cost a little more. It generally cost around 6-8$ a pound per cut. It might cost a bit more, but it makes up for it in flavor!

   There are a few things to remember when buying a Pot roast…..

1. Always check the color and marbling of the meat you are picking out. The photos above are perfect examples to reference from.

2. A low flame and a lot of time is what makes a good roast! 

3. A half of a pound per person is the recommended serving size. 

As always … It’s not the person that makes the meat, but it’s the meat that makes the meal!


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