Looking for something different for dinner? Try these 5 cuts of meat to excite your friends and family.

We all have come across the same question each day… “What’s for dinner?” or “what do you want to eat?”

Its annoying, and it’s a question we all can never seem to satisfy. 

In this article I will go over different cuts of meat for you, and for your family to enjoy without feeling like they’re eating the same old thing!

Flat iron/chicken steak.

  A Flank iron steak you might see out at a restaurant or you might have seen it on the shelf of your local supermarket. It’s one you have probably seen before, but you have never taken it home. It’s a delicious cut of beef that comes from the neck (chuck) of a cow. The flat iron steak is a thin Yiddish cut of beef. One steak will serve 2 people, but if you’re greedy like me you can eat the whole piece yourself.

A single package weighs less than a pound so it’s not really a big steak. It can be either grilled or cooked in a pan. Being thin it cooks fast, so cook it on a medium flame for 5 minutes on each side is all you need.

Flat iron steaks are cut horizontally, while the chicken steaks are cut virticaly. Both come from the same piece of meat but cut diffently.

 Chicken steak 

No! It doesn’t come from a Chicken! Chicken steaks are another great steak. Popular among central Americans, a chicken steak is something different that will be pleasing to your family. The chicken/flat iron steak are not that expensive. They both range from 4-6$ a pound. As with the flat iron steak, the chicken steak is easy to cook and should be either grilled or pan fried.

There is a membrane in this cut of meat that you will have to cut around. It is in the center of the steak (as in the photo above).

Skirt steak

This one of my personal favorites! The skirt steak comes from the inner wall of the rib cage. It’s a long ribbon of beef that is covered by a membrane. A butcher has to peel the membrane off to get to the skirt steak inside. I feel this preserves the meat and the fat that comes with it, that makes it taste so good.

The texture of the skirt steak is a little chewy but tender. A package of skirt steak will weigh about a 1 1/2-2 lbs . I feel a package will only serve two people. Skirt steak will shrink a little while its being cooked. Servings one medium rare is the only way to go. It’s a thin cut of beef, so keep your eye on it while you are cooking it. The best way to cook a skirt steak is either in a pan or on a grill. Six minutes on each side should be more than enough.

Sirloin tip steak

” I feel it’s one of the best cuts of beef ” 

The Sirloin tip steak is a very uncommon cut of beef. I feel it’s one of the best cuts of beef! It’s extremely tender with a lot of grain, and with a great balance of fat.

This cut comes from the the top cap of the Sirloin. It has a nice layer of fat that I believe is what gives it, it’s amazing flavor.

Sirloin tip steak costs between 6$ to 9$ a pound. A pound will usually net 4 steaks, while a whole cap with net about 8. I would say a 1 1/2 pounds will feed a family of 3.

The best way to cook a Sirloin tip steak is on the grill. You can also cook them in a pan or cut it into small pieces and make beef stroganoff out of them.


 Oxtails are a great meal on a winter’s day. If you enjoy a hardy soup with a great broth, this is your ticket!

It goes well with all vegetables. If you cook it in a pot or crock pot, it’s all the same. If you don’t own one, click here . For under 25$ there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

There’s a lot of health benefits from oxtails. Cultures from around the world regard them highly. Oxtails are great for joint health, it also helps boost your immune system, and  can help over come food intolerance you might suffer from. It’s been also known to help people with allergies.
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