5 reasons why you should avoid store made ground meat and why you should ground your own!

Ground meat is a popular protein in many meals around the world. People will eat it weekly  “unless you’re a vegetarian”. Ranging from tacos to hamburgers, it’s a main component in most meals. In this post I will be going over 5 reasons why you should give up buying ground meat from a store and start grinding your own meat.

1. Not every meat department is honest!

There are meat departments out there with great people running them. Sometimes there are some that are not well run. When meat is over ordered it becomes old, and over produced. When this occurs, the ground beef might not be fresh and it will look old. In some cases, there are butchers who regrind old ground beef.

 (Above) is a package of “old ground beef”.

When ground beef is old, the bacteria count will go up and you can get sick from it.

You will be able to see the color of these packages and if they look old, or if the date is close to being expired, avoid it!

Always check the date on every package that you buy!

(Above) A tube of ground beef that is used to mix/suplament with ground beef.

2. Additives

( The USDA suggested ” A product that contains pink slime shouldn’t be consumed in large amounts due to it’s exposure to ammonia gas”.)

  In recent years, there has been alot of talk about supermarkets and fast food chains putting in additives into ground beef when they don’t have enough meat to grind. Pink slime, or (lean, finely textured beef) was in the public eye when ABC NEWS did a story called “pink slime. It was reported that, at the time, about 70 percent of the national supermarkets were using this method.

A additive like this will raise or lower the fat percentage that’s in ground beef. This filler was used in other beef products around the nation. The USDA stated “A product that contains pink slime shouldn’t be consumed in large amounts due to it’s exposure to ammonia gas”. The ammonia gas is used to kill off all the bacteria. The European Union has banned the consumption of pink slime and doesn’t see if it fit for human consumption!

I wonder what it would do us?

 (Above) A package of prepackaged organic ground beef.

3. Prepackaged ground meat

{There are alot of different brands of prepackaged meats and ground beef. I will be doing a experiment in the future with prepackaged meat to show how unnatural (map) prosses is.}

They range from the basic cuts of beef to the organic/grassfed cuts of beef. The packages will look red and inviting. They look great, but you might ask yourself, if the shelf life is so long, how does it look so fresh. Just like pink slime products, prepackaged meats go through a process that kills the bacteria in it.

Prepackaged meat under goes a process called gas packing. Gas packing (modified atomosphic packaging) or (MAP). In this process the air is taken out of the package and it’s replaced with a mixture of gasses. The gasses are a blend of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These blends of gasses help preserve the meat by killing the bacteria and preserving the meats color.

It’s unclear if this method is harmful or not, although USDA doesn’t require labels stating that a prepackaged meat product has undergone this process.

4.Because we have a little artisan in all of us!

A lot of you love to experiment with your food. Whether you smoke your meat or make your own pasta, humans feel more fulfilled, when we’re able to create! I have my own mix of cuts of beef that I use to make my own ground beef (that I will be sharing at the end of this article), but you can experiment with mixing different cuts of beef when you own a personal grinder.

You can grind different cut’s to create the ultimate burger, meatballs or meat loaf. Most cuts like Shoulder London broil and sirloin go on sale often “If you are lucky enough, you can even catch a good brisket sale”! When these cuts of beef go on sale they can be even cheaper than the price of ground beef in the store.

Chefs will do this often and people will easily pay 20$ a hamburger out of these cuts of beef.

You get high end quality for pennies on the dollar! 

Most personal grinders come with a sausage making attachment. You will be able to be a mad scientist and create your own sausages out of whatever you want.

5. Personal grinders are a great tool for hunters:

  If you’re a hunter than a personal grinder is perfect for you! You can grind any animal so it’s a no brainier. Whether it’s deer, turkey, or a boar it can be ground. I have a lot of friends that make their own burgers out of venison (deer meat).

(Here is a list below of grinders I recommend )

hand crank:

  Hand crank grinders are old school. Your grandparents probably had one and they might still have one. They can be a little tough to use, because they require mechanical effort. They are easy to clean and store away easily. Hand crank grinders are inexpensive and can cost less than 25$

If this is one you might be interest in click here

Midrange electric grinder:

Electric grinder are easy to use. They come with many attachments and are great for basic home use. I would recommend this for someone who is new to using a grinder. The one I suggest, here goes for 65$. It’s a good one and you will get alot use from this grinder.

If this interests you click here .

Higher end personal grinder:

Here is a top of the line personal grinder. For $220, you will have a greater grind volume than the other grinders that I have mentioned. It’s great if like doing things in bulk or if you process your own livestock.

If this type of grinder click here 

My secret mixture of beef to make ground beef out of is 33% Shoulder London broil, 33% Sirloin steak, and 33% brisket or 33% of a deckle”.

After eating this you will never buy store made ground beef again!

If you have any questions or insights about this post, leave a comment.

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Hello, and welcome. I am the Hamptons butcher and have been a butcher fr 20 years. I traveled a lot and studied different cuts of meat from around the world. I enjoy what i do, but i enjoy even the art behind what i do.

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  1. Yeah I remember McDonald’s using pink slime with their chicken nuggets. European countries are such much more protective of the consumer than the US is.

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