Learn ” How to never pick out a bad piece of meat again ” !

Every day someone will ask me to pick out a good piece of meat for them….

I started this blog for this very reason. I wanted to educate people, so they can pickout meat on their own with confidence!

You too, after reading this article will be able to pick out any piece of meat just like a coronary expert!

 The 3 things you want to look for when you’re picking out any piece of meat are…

1. Color

When you’re picking out a piece of meat you want to look at the color of the meat. You want a nice vibrant color. If its beef you’re looking for, than the (photo above) is a good reference. If it’s a piece of pork you want a light pink color  (like the one below ).

A good color for a cut of lamb should be a light red or a bronze redish color.  

These cuts of shoulder lamb chops  (above) are exactly the color you should be looking for in a piece of lamb. 

(For more on different cuts of lamb click here).

It’s best to stay away from meat that is dark, have a green tinge to it, or if the meat has red spots running through it. A bright vibrant color ( like in the photos above ) will tell you that the meat is fresh, while darker, dull colored meat will tell you the piece of meat is old!

2. The date on the package.

The date on the package will tell you a lot of things. Meat that is fresh and has not been prepackaged will have a 2-3 day shelf life. 

You will want to get a package ( that isn’t prepackaged ) that has 3 days till experation on it. This means it was cut earier that day and is fresh.

Meat that has been prepackaged will have a longer shelf life. This is done by adding a mixture of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and nitrogen to kill all the bacteria that is in the meat. This will slow the process of decay down and will make the meat last longer. 

I prefer store cut meat but each to their own. 

Just remember to check the date on the package before you buy it!

3. The grain and marbling in a cut of meat.

After you have gone through the first two topics on picking out a great piece of meat you want to check the meats grain and marbling.

Marble is the fat that runs through meat that keeps the tissue bound together. 

If it’s spread evenly though out the piece of meat it will have a tender texture and it will have a delicious flavor!

Above is a perfect example of how marbling in a piece of meat should look. Sometimes a prime cut for beef will be put out as a choice cut of beef due to “prime beef” being over produced and the market will get flooded with prime cuts of beef. 

If you see a cut of meat with marbling like the one above with a choice sticker.. take it! It’s probably a prime cut of beef! 

The three different characteristics i have mentioned above will really help you with choosing your next cut of meat. 

I mention all the above to my customers, all the time! 

If you have any questions about picking out a piece of meat or have questions about meat in general please comment below.

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