Want to have a meal on the wild side ?

A lot of people consider themselves adventurous when they go out to eat.

They are willing to try many different things such as sushi, alligator, or even a cut of meat that isnt so popular…

In this article I’ll be going over different cuts of meat from uncommon animals.

I have come across this interesting website called www.fossilfarms.com . They have a variety of consumable animals that you won’t find in your local supermarket.

They sell exotic cuts of meat ranging elk meat“>elk, ostrich meat“>ostrich, and kangaroo meat“>kangaroo.

In many of the counties i have traveled to the locals would offten eat animal meat that is uncommon in the. States.

They would eat wild game such as buffalo meat“>buffalo or kangaroo meat“>kangaroo. My good buddy from https://mostinterestinglife.com and i also tried insects while traveling through Thailand.

If you’re interested in trying to eat cuts meat that come from a exotic animals click below.

Exotic Meats and Game from Fossil Farms.

Fossil farms has a great selection of exotic animals and even sells alligator meat as well.

Alligators are low in fat and have a high protein content.

I’ve had the pleasure of eating alligator before and it tastes great deep fried!


A animal I have never eaten, but ( not sure i could ) is a kangaroo. Kangaroo’s are a lean animal that should be cooked to meduim rare. They are known to taste simular to beef and venison.

If you’re interested in trying out this meat out, click kangaroo meat. Im sure it will be an experience worth posting about!


A more popular and abundant source of portien is an ostrich. Instead of cattle, ostrich are being raised to replace this food source due to the fact they need less food, water, and space to raise them.

A lot of restaurants are adding this animal to thier menu due to thier unique, exotic nature, and not to mention they also taste delicious.

When you cook ostrich meat, you should cook it medium/rare.

You’ll notice that ostrich meat has a similar taste to grassfed beef. Being low in fat it’s good for your heart as well! To purchase this kind of meat ostrich meat“>click here.

If you’re interested in more exotic cuts of meat Fossil Farms“>click here and serve a meal thats unique and extremely exotic!

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Hello, and welcome. I am the Hamptons butcher and have been a butcher fr 20 years. I traveled a lot and studied different cuts of meat from around the world. I enjoy what i do, but i enjoy even the art behind what i do.

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