Never pick out a bad shell/strip steak again!

Have you ever picked out a good piece of meat and then after eating  it, you realized it was a bad one?


“People ask me, how do i pick out a good Shell/Strip steak?”

  Above is a photo of a shell/strip from the loin end.
  In this post I will teach to you how to pick out a great Shell steak/Strip steak, so next time they’re on sale you’ll be able to bring home a winner for your family! Above is a ugly looking shell/strip steak!

I feel the cut of Shell/Strip steak that is from the hip end of the loin is a not so great steak. It tends to be a bit tougher and fattier than from the Rib end. If you see a package like this ( (like the one below), avoid it at all costs!

A package you would want to avoid while picking out shell/strip steaks!

A package that looks like this, I would avoid.

The center cut shell/strip steaks of beef are good cut of steak. They’re not the best cut but, sometimes you’re at the mercy of selection! The center cuts are good for children and people who prefer a smaller steak. Usually if cut at a inch thick each steak will weigh less then a 3/4 of a pound.

(above) a center cut shell/strip loin of beef.
(Above) a cente

 Now for the most desirable cut of Shell/Strip loin of beef that’s considered the best cut.

The Delmonico cut of Shell/Strip steak is adjoined to the first cut of rib . This cut is very tender and has the most amount of meat per steak. There are only one to two Delmonico cuts per shell. Instead of asking for a Delmonico cut, you can also ask your butcher for a rib end cut of the Shell. The name is different but your butcher will know exactly what you’re talking about. A steak a inch in height will generally weigh over a 3/4 of a pound.

I love when the Shell/Strip steak is on sale! It cooks about 7 minutes per each side to become medium rare .

Remember, always look for good marbling and a beautiful colors ! Use this pick below as reference for the next time your in the mood for


shell/strip streak!img_20160908_093004005

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learn how to pick out a boneless pork roast, and have your butcher cut it up for you?


Above: A boneless pork roast and some  pork chops.


Ok so here is a good example of a proper Pork Roast!


The boneless Pork roast is a inexpensive and is a delicious cut of meat. Normally on sale for 1.99 per pound to 3.99 per pound. A average piece wieghs from 2-5 pounds. A small roast can easily feed a family of 4, while a big one could serve 9 people!

“Ok so what do look for in a Pork roast”? 


The color of the roast is what I first look for. As in the  photo below, I like my pork pink with white marbling.

marbling:img_20160910_095555757 This piece here has all the right things I look for in a Pork roast! Great color, good marbling and a beautiful layer of fat!

   Marbling is very important! It what makes any meat tender. Like in the photo above you want the fat spread throughout the roast.


img_20160910_095548394 Above: A great layer of fat.

   The fat is important. It’s what gives the pork it’s flavor. The fat will keep the roast from drying out! Often people will ask me to trim the fat off to only cook it and have the roast come out tough. Keep the fat on!

“So I have a roast, what are my options I could do with it”?

   If you have a roast you can have your butcher do a couple of things.

You can have your roast cut into chops img_20160911_111821

   Cutting your roast into chops is simple and the average 2 1/2 pound roast should net about 8 chops a inch thick. Usually a regular sized chop is about a inch thick while a thick chop is about 1 1/2-2 inches.

Pork cutlets img_20160910_100233117                     

   Pork cutlets are great! You can bread them and fry them, make a pinwheel with cheese and spinach or make a brasciole out of them and put them into your sauce. I do this every time they are sale.

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   Stay tuned this fall and winter for holiday cuts of meat, how to pick out a turkey and some uncommon cuts to surprise your families with! 

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Have you tried lamb lately?

Did you say lamb…..?

IMG_20160828_125034252                      (Above)   Shoulder lamb chops. 

So, why Lamb?

Lamb has become less popular and people don’t eat it like they used to before! It’s not popular in the United States, but is preferred by people all over the world. Unlike cows they are easier to raise and are a very durable animal. They’re easier to butcher, and a whole Lamb can feed a lot of people. They’re easy to cook, and when done right are delicious!

(Above) loin lamb chops.

 Loin lamb is the “Porterhouse” of lamb. You can either bake them or as I prefer BBQ them. When you serve your guests, account for two chops per person. Usually tender and a package of two are usually 1 1/2 inches think and will run about 7$. Use the photo above as a reference in picking a package out. Try to find the ones with the biggest filet (as in the photo above).


IMG_20160829_135849648 (Above) Rib Lamb chops.

Rib Lamb is another great cut! It’s also known as lolly pop chop. Some people even call them baby lamb chops. If you’re going to ask you’re butcher for some, just ask them for Rib lamb chops. When serving your guests two to three chops is a generous meal. A average package will cost about 10$ for a package of 4. When picking out your Rib lamb chops always go for the ones with the biggest eye. The Rib lamb is the “Rib steak” of lamb cuts.



(Above) Shoulder lamb chops.



The Neck side lamb chop is similar to the “Chuck steak” from beef. It is the least expensive of the cuts, and you get more meat for your money.They go great on a grill and taste great!

(Above) Round bone Shoulder lamb chops.


The Round bone Shoulder chop is what people gravitate towards due to their is less bone, and more meat! Both are also great for BBQs and serving alot of guests. A package that has a pound in it will cost around 7$. You can get away with serving yourself or a guest with just a chop or, if you can chow down “like me” go for two!

Just a reminder!! 

Don’t over cook your lamb . 5 minutes on each side is all you need in a pan or on a bbq!

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learn how to never pick out “bad ground beef” again!

     On the left are 3 different types of ground beef, with 3 different levels of fat content.
“Has either one of your grandparents has ever asked you to buy them ground chuck , round or sirloin and you’re never able to find it” ?       

   Ground beef “back in the day” used to go by these fraises but have changed in recent years due to ground beef doesn’t consent of those cuts. It’s kind of like false advertising so it’s simpler and more profitable for supermarkets to go by fat content these days. It is also a regulation in some states.

   If you ask your butcher to grind you a piece of meat, I’m sure they will, but it will be more expensive to grind a sirloin or a brisket than a buying package with the fat content on it. Ground beef today is ground with fattier cuts of beef for the (80% lean ground beef), and for the (90% lean ground beef) a butcher will use a more leaner cut.
  IMG_20160821_121933050 90% lean ground beef 

   The 90% lean ground beef is as lean as you’re going to get with lean ground beef. Usually made from cuts like the Top round, the Shoulder and Sirloin. Out of the 3 grounds of beef that are mentioned, 90% ground beef has fewer calories of them all. The 90% ground beef is good for those who are into fitness. You can make anything from chilli to hamburgers. You have to be careful though, because the leaner it is , the easier it can break apart!

IMG_20160821_121938545 85% lean ground beef 

The 85% lean ground beef is the in-between ground of beef! Great for everything and it doesn’t has a lot of fat. The 85% groud beef cuts are from all over the cow. It has rich texture and forms together well to make anything out of it. I prefer this grind for meatloaf. You can tell the slight color contrast from the both of them. When the color is bright red it is lean and when the color is a lighter shade of red, it means a higher fat content.

IMG_20160821_121941953 80% lean group beef 

  The 80% lean ground beef is the fattiest of them all. Made mostly from cuts of chuck meat it is the best tasting. As the saying goes” the fat gives it flavor”! I prefer this grind of beef for chilli and meatballs. It binds well together and makes a great burger! This grind is the least expensive of them all and is the most consumed by all of America! You will find this grind of on sale the most also!

   Sometimes you will notice when you open up a package of ground beef the center is a different color than the outside. The reason is the center is sealed by the fat in the meat, and the air hasn’t reach the center of the ground beef. This is normal and is good to eat!

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” Learn how to make amazing shish kabobs, just like The Hamptons butcher “!

Are you tired of getting​ a tough cut of meat to make your shish kabobs out of?    

Well, look no further….           

 The Hamptons butcher is here to help!

Here are 3 reason why me and family have Shish Kabobs for dinner……     

1. They’re extremely healthy and they’re a low carb meal.

2. It’s an​ inexpensive meal and it usually costs less then 10$ to feed a family of 4!

3. Another benefit is you have to go outside to cook them, so you can enjoy the sun while you are grilling your shish kabobs.

” So, what kind of beef do I use for my shish kabobs” ?

I use a cut that is the top cap of the Sirloin. In Brazil it’s called ” Picanha​ “, in the united states it’s ” the top cap of a sirloin”.  This is a real tender cut of beef, and it’s a pleasure to BBQ just as is. Most people are not aware of this cut and it’s​ flavor. Picanha usually comes with a top layer of fat. It’s easy enough to trim the fat off and cube it yourself, or have your ” local butcher ” do it for you. 
If your ” local butcher ” isn’t familur with this cut, then ask them for the cap of the Sirloin ( photo below )

It’s one of my best kept secrets. The cap of a Sirloin will cost about $ 8 lb. You’ll definitely have your guests asking you ” what kind of meat is this “?

When it comes to chicken Kabobs,

 I only use Bell and Evans boneless chicken breast. They have an amazing flavor and they cook fast also. Bell and Evens raises​  their  chickens to the highest standard and they avoid using gas packing procedures when they’re​ packaging their chickens. 

When it comes to picking out vegetables..

I use onions and zucchinis​.  Any vegetables will do and some people like to add pinaple chunks to thier pork Kebobs. You could use any seasoning for your Kabobs. I prefer Montreal seasoning myself. 

Also most importantly, don’t forget the skewers!


 A few tips to keep in mind,

1. Always wet your skewers with water before you skewer your meat. This will help cook the meat that’s on the skewers.

2. Cut your meat into one inch squares. This size is the best for the meat to cook quickly and thoroughly.

3. Don’t forget to season your shish kabob. Just a little will go a long way. I like Montreal seasoning for beef kabobs and barbeque seasoning for my chicken kabobs.
 Kebobs are great and I hope this helps out and adds to your ” summer dinner ideas ” for dinner.

Stay posted to my blog to learn more on what cuts of meat are best to grill and how to pick out the best ones!

Stay tranquil,

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