Learn ” How to never pick out a bad piece of meat again ” !

Every day someone will ask me to pick out a good piece of meat for them….

I started this blog for this very reason. I wanted to educate people, so they can pickout meat on their own with confidence!

You too, after reading this article will be able to pick out any piece of meat just like a coronary expert!

 The 3 things you want to look for when you’re picking out any piece of meat are…

1. Color

When you’re picking out a piece of meat you want to look at the color of the meat. You want a nice vibrant color. If its beef you’re looking for, than the (photo above) is a good reference. If it’s a piece of pork you want a light pink color  (like the one below ).

A good color for a cut of lamb should be a light red or a bronze redish color.  

These cuts of shoulder lamb chops  (above) are exactly the color you should be looking for in a piece of lamb. 

(For more on different cuts of lamb click here).

It’s best to stay away from meat that is dark, have a green tinge to it, or if the meat has red spots running through it. A bright vibrant color ( like in the photos above ) will tell you that the meat is fresh, while darker, dull colored meat will tell you the piece of meat is old!

2. The date on the package.

The date on the package will tell you a lot of things. Meat that is fresh and has not been prepackaged will have a 2-3 day shelf life. 

You will want to get a package ( that isn’t prepackaged ) that has 3 days till experation on it. This means it was cut earier that day and is fresh.

Meat that has been prepackaged will have a longer shelf life. This is done by adding a mixture of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and nitrogen to kill all the bacteria that is in the meat. This will slow the process of decay down and will make the meat last longer. 

I prefer store cut meat but each to their own. 

Just remember to check the date on the package before you buy it!

3. The grain and marbling in a cut of meat.

After you have gone through the first two topics on picking out a great piece of meat you want to check the meats grain and marbling.

Marble is the fat that runs through meat that keeps the tissue bound together. 

If it’s spread evenly though out the piece of meat it will have a tender texture and it will have a delicious flavor!

Above is a perfect example of how marbling in a piece of meat should look. Sometimes a prime cut for beef will be put out as a choice cut of beef due to “prime beef” being over produced and the market will get flooded with prime cuts of beef. 

If you see a cut of meat with marbling like the one above with a choice sticker.. take it! It’s probably a prime cut of beef! 

The three different characteristics i have mentioned above will really help you with choosing your next cut of meat. 

I mention all the above to my customers, all the time! 

If you have any questions about picking out a piece of meat or have questions about meat in general please comment below.

If youre short on time and don’t have time for shopping , its ok…  click here and let The Hamptons butcher help!

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Eating clean and save time!

Time is short! For most of us there isn’t enough time in the day to do what we want!

 If you’re like me, instead of shopping, you want to spend your time being productive.

 In this post I will be listing organic cuts of beef and chicken so you don’t have to take time out of your day to go shopping to eat healthy!

All the cuts below are organic cut of meat.



Ribeye steak (boneless)  

Shell steak ( boneless ) 

 Sirloin,         Filet mignon

Beef stew,    Sirloin for stir fry 

Boneless Chuck roast


Ground organic beef

 80 % lean  85% lean  93% lean 85% patties


Hotdogs * ( I highly recommend agf beef hot dogs )

Applegate farms beef hot dogs

Applegate farms turkey hot dogs

Applegate farms chicken hot dogs

Organic prairie beef hot dogs


Organic chicken

Chicken breast Chicken tenderloin

Boneless thighsThin sliced cutlets 

 Chicken drumsticks,  Groud chicken


I hope this was helpful. It’s hard to find these items sometimes in your supermarket. 

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below. 

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5 cuts of beef that are perfect for a ketogenic diet! 

A Friend of mine recently told me that he had been on the ketogenic diet. He told me how after a month of being on this diet his blood test results came back with his cholesterol , blood pressure, and his body wieght were all lower in just a months time. 
A lot of buzz is being made over this diet. Tim Farris of the ” The 4 hour work week ” has documented his personal research and the effects he had experienced while being on the ketogenic diet. 

Here are 5 steaks that go well with a ketogenic diet! 
Skirt steak 

 Skirt steaks are rich in flavor and fat. They come from the inner rib of a cow and are incased in a membrane that’s surrounded by fat.
Butchers with have to trim off alot of the fat to get to the meat. It’s still a fatty piece of meat, so don’t worry!

The best way to cook a skirt steak is on a grill. You could also broil them also. I like to season mine Montreal seasoning, or let them marinate in steak sause for a few hours.

These steaks are kind of heavy, but very, very good. There’s a chewy texture to a skirt steak. They have a unique taste to them due to a high fat content. This steak has a nice fatty, beefy taste to it. 

Most supermarkets carry skirt steak. If you’re short on time or can’t make it to a supermarket ( click here ) and don’t worry about it, Let The Hamptons butcher help you out!

1st cut chuck filet steak 


1st cut chuck filet steak is considered to be a ” poor man’s ” rib steak. This cut of beef comes from where the neck of a cow meets the rib. This steak has a high fat content, which makes them taste great! They can be cooked in a pan, crock-pot, or on the grill. 

I really enjoy these Steaks. Just a little salt, pepper, and if you’re going to grill them, rub a little olive oil on the steak, so they don’t stick to the grill. The only drawback is, is that you have trim off a lot of fat when you are eating  them.


If you’re looking for something to cook in as a soup or in an crock pot, Oxtails are what you’re looking for! They are rich in fat, protein, and vitmins. Oxtails have in them  B12 , calcium, B6 and iron. A oxtail comes from the tail of a cow.

People from all over the world add them to their diet. They are popular in such areas of the world as Asia, Central America, and the West Indies.

Oxtails are also a hearty meal on a cold night. They will warm your stomach and fill you up!

Grind your own beef !

I think this one of the greatest meat hacks! For I higher fat content, high protein meal it’s a cheapest and the easiest way go for ketogenic diet.
You can make meatloaf, meatballs, and hamburgers out of different cuts of beef.

Personal grinders are cheap ( if you need one click here). 

A good personal grinder could be had for around 40$. Grinding your own beef could save you money, it allows you to know what you are grinding, and you’ll be able to control it’s fat content. You can grind cuts like brisket, deckel, and Tri-tip.

For more on grinding your beef and my favorite cuts to grind, ( click here ).
Club steaks

Club steaks are the top shelf ” steak of the bunch. This cut comes from the ” neck end ” of a rib of beef ” . This piece , like the 1st cut filet, this is a cut of beef rich in fat. 

 Most people will often pass on this cut for one from the loin side of the rib. Both are great cuts but, I think this cut has more flavor! 

Club steaks will more often than not will have a great marbling through out the whole steak. These steaks are both good with the bone ( bone-in ) and without the bone ( boneless ). 

If you’re looking for a fat, juicy steak, this is it!

Thank you for reading and and check out my other content!

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Three hot dogs that are good for you!

 you’re like me than you enjoy grilling and eating with your family. It’s hard though, because, there isn’t alot of choices if you prefer to eat an ” organic ” or an ” healthier ” hot dog.

    It’s a good thing that companies are responding to the demand for high quality, great tasting organic products. In this article, I will be going over 3 different brands of ” hot dogs that are good for you and for your diet “. 

    Coleman hotdogs


    If you like beef hot dogs, Coleman hot dogs are pretty good. They were a little salty, but were delicious. My family and i enjoyed them. Each hot dog has 140 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 260 mg of sodium. They are not organic, but they’re nitrate free and the cows that are used to make the hotdogs are raised using no hormones or given any antibiotics!

    The price for these hotdogs are fair and cost under 5$ a package on Amazon.

    Applegate farms hotdogs

    Applegate farms products are great company that focuses on ” organic ” and ” all natural ” products. They have been in business for since 1987 and have focused on creating heathly , higher quality products for over 30 years.

    Each beef all natural bun length hot dog ( All flavors of hot dogs vary) has 130 calories, 11 grams of fat and 600mg of sodium.

    We had their beef hot dogs ( in the photo above ) and found them to be great. They had a more of a smokey flavor than the Coleman hot dogs. Aside from organic beef  hot dogs, Applegate carries turkeychicken and organic grassfed beef hot dogs.

    These hot dogs also won’t break the bank or your heath. The cost per package on this brand will range from 5-8$ on Amazon. It’s not much higher than the  ” brand name hot dogs ” at your local supermarket. 

    Organic prairie

    Organic prairie hot dogs are an up and coming brand. A very enjoyable hot dog that cooks well and taste great. Organic prairie ‘s beef hot dogs are made out of grass fed beef. 

    They have a smokey flavor that delivers a little sweetness in every bite. The flavor was different from the others, but I enjoyed them just the same. 

    Each hot dog has 160 calories, 13 grams of fat and 450mg of sodium.

    On Amazon they cost around 7$ for a package of 6. A little more expensive than the others, but not over the top.

    I hope this was helpful.

    P.s… don’t forget the buns! Click here

    It’s hard to find good quality hot dogs that taste great and are good for you! 

    Stay tranquil,

    The hamptons butcher!

    TheThe Hamptons butcher goes to Brazil, Part: 1


    There’s nothing  like getting off a plane, being able to breeze through customs and breathing in the warm air of your destination.

    My flight from JFK took about 12 hour including flight and check in. This wasn’t my first time to Brazil and it won’t be the last.

    Brazil is a magical place filled with warm people, a beautiful culture, and amazing food!

    In my next two articles I will be going over a popular style of restaurant that’s​ filled with different cuts meat, and the other I will be writing about is a popular dish that’s the ” soul food ” of Brazil

    Rodizio ( Churrascaria ) 

    Is a restaurant that’s based around meat! You may have seen or heard of one before! If you love meat, than this is the place for you! Meats of all kinds is cooked on a giant skewers, while a waiter serves it to you. 

    The meat is cooked over a fire pit and re-inserted to give the meat a nice char for each serving. 

    Usually there is a buffet that serves other items such as salads, beans, fried bananas, and fried polenta.

    Rodizio edikit,

    In front of you there will be your typical utensils and a plate. After a few minutes you’re greeted by a server with a large spit of meat. You will notice either a ” block or sign ” that will have green on one side and red on the other.

    If the block or sign has the red side up, the means the servers will stop coming over to you, but if the ” block or sign ” is green, then they’ll keep serving you meat. 

    It’s the same principle as a ” traffic light ” green means ” go ” and red means ” stop!”

    When you’re ready to try a piece of meat the server will come over to you and with a pair of tongs. Grab the meat with the tongs as the server cuts the meat off the spit.

    It’s like a buffet of rotating meat with different for you to try.

    There’s​ a bunch of different kinds of meat that will be served. Beef, pork, chicken and sometimes​ lamb. Each restaurant has thier own cuts that they serve. It’s usually adds up to 8 different cuts of meat to try. Portuguese sausage ( linguiça ) is also cooked over a fire pit and served. The sausage tastes​ great! 

    Cuts of meat that you will be served are as followed.

    Top round ( Beef )

    Picanha – Sirloin tip  ( Beef )

    Short ribs ( Beef )

    Contra filet – strip steak ( beef )

    Filet mignon (beef)

     Chicken breast ( chicken )

    Chicken hearts ( chicken )

    Whole chicken ( chicken ) 

    What should you order ?
    That’s entirely up to you! They’re alot of great cuts that are served! It’s up to you to pick them out! 
    I prefer the linquiça , pork belly and the Picanha. I never pass up chicken hearts either. They’re a little chewy , but taste great. The linguiça, I like both plain and hot. The Picanha is the best cut of beef on the menu.

    As far as drinks are concerned………. I recommend  …

    For a non-acholic drink I would recommend guarana

    As for acholic drinks skol and Bohemia are great beers for you to try. If you’re in mood for a cocktail, order a Caipirinha. I always will order one when im at a rodizio.

    If you’re unable to go to Brazil, but would like to eat at a rodizio, don’t fret. They’re rodizio restaurants in most major cities.

    Fogo de chào is popular Brazilian radizio restaurant chain in the united states.

    If you want to try to bbq Brazilian style at home check out this kit click here. It’s​ a great kit and will impress your friends and will leave everyone with a happy stomach.

    Thank you for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it. Watch for ” The soul food of Brazil ” coming out soon! 

    Stay tranquil,

    The Hamptons butcher