Have you tried lamb lately?

Did you say lamb…..?

IMG_20160828_125034252                      (Above)   Shoulder lamb chops. 

So, why Lamb?

Lamb has become less popular and people don’t eat it like they used to before! It’s not popular in the United States, but is preferred by people all over the world. Unlike cows they are easier to raise and are a very durable animal. They’re easier to butcher, and a whole Lamb can feed a lot of people. They’re easy to cook, and when done right are delicious!

(Above) loin lamb chops.

 Loin lamb is the “Porterhouse” of lamb. You can either bake them or as I prefer BBQ them. When you serve your guests, account for two chops per person. Usually tender and a package of two are usually 1 1/2 inches think and will run about 7$. Use the photo above as a reference in picking a package out. Try to find the ones with the biggest filet (as in the photo above).


IMG_20160829_135849648 (Above) Rib Lamb chops.

Rib Lamb is another great cut! It’s also known as lolly pop chop. Some people even call them baby lamb chops. If you’re going to ask you’re butcher for some, just ask them for Rib lamb chops. When serving your guests two to three chops is a generous meal. A average package will cost about 10$ for a package of 4. When picking out your Rib lamb chops always go for the ones with the biggest eye. The Rib lamb is the “Rib steak” of lamb cuts.



(Above) Shoulder lamb chops.



The Neck side lamb chop is similar to the “Chuck steak” from beef. It is the least expensive of the cuts, and you get more meat for your money.They go great on a grill and taste great!

(Above) Round bone Shoulder lamb chops.


The Round bone Shoulder chop is what people gravitate towards due to their is less bone, and more meat! Both are also great for BBQs and serving alot of guests. A package that has a pound in it will cost around 7$. You can get away with serving yourself or a guest with just a chop or, if you can chow down “like me” go for two!

Just a reminder!! 

Don’t over cook your lamb . 5 minutes on each side is all you need in a pan or on a bbq!

Thank you, again everyone! Your support has been amazing and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me, and yes ladies I am married, but that doesn’t mean you can’t like and share this blog if you enjoyed it. Thanks again,  kfm