Feijoada (the soul food of Brazil.)  Part: 2

When I’m visiting Brazil, every Wednesday and Saturday I will skip having breafast and start the day on a empty stomach.

I will get my chores and my workout, out of the way so to help me build up a big appetite for lunch.

Why do you ask? 

It’s because Wednesday’s and Saturday’s are the only two days out of the week that Feijoada​ is served.

Feijoada is a dish that uses black beans mixed with linguiça ( Portuguese sausage), some mixed​ up pieces of pork and black beans. It’s cooked in a big pot for hours on a low flame. The smell and the taste feijoada is amazing! I look forward to eating it every time I’m in Brazil.

It’s served on only these 2 days because it takes a long time to make and when it runs out, that’s it for the day!

I will usually make a pig of myself and have 2-౩ plates of feijoada. It has a smokey home cooked smell to it. The only thing I could compare it to is split pea soup, but that doesn’t even come close.

Feijoada also comes with rice, hot sauce, and collard greens. There’s also 1 or 2 friend pork skins that comes with it. I like to sprinkle some farofa on the side to mix in with the Feijoada. 

I usually mix it all together. There’s a lot of great textures and the collard greens give it a nice touch.

It’s best to have a free schedule after eating this meal because you will need time to digest it! 

Feijoada is a popular meal in Brazil. Its derived from peasant food and isn’t a expensive meal for a family to make. The ingredients are simple and if you can make chili, you can make Feijoada.

If you interested in trying to make this yourself​, this kit can be helpful to you. 

If you’re​ unable to go to Brazil, check​ your area for a Brazilian restaurant. Some Portuguese restaurants offer it, but it’s a Brazilian dish, so they may not. If you’re in NYC check out Emporium Brazil. They serve both feijoada and rodizio. I have eaten there many times and leave there with a big smile and an even bigger stomach! 

Tell me your experiences with feijoada in the comments section below .

Be tranquil,

The Hamptons Butcher

5 types of meat for all of my Spartans out there.

I know a lot of you work hard, play hard and most of all you train hard! 
When you train hard, protein is a essential part your diet. 


  There has been a lot of talk about how red meat raises a males testosterone. Consumed moderately, it can be beneficial to your diet. There are all kinds of red meat that are lean, will promote muscle growth, and most of all “taste great”!

If you’re not into beef, it’s ok. There are other types of meat that will give you the protein that you need. Chicken, turkey and pork have lean cuts also that will help you out with variety in your diet.

Flank steak 

  Flank steaks are amazing! It’s a perfect cut of beef for the grill. The fat content for a whole flank steak (the entire piece) is about 32 grams, while the protein content for a whole flanks steak is about 106 grams. A whole flank wieghs about 2lbs . That’s  very lean for a cut of red meat!

The price for a flank steak ranges from 5.99 lb (on sale) to 7.99 lb (off sale). A whole flank steak will serve about 3 people. It mixes well with vegetables​, quinoa, and brown rice.

90% ground beef 

  90% lean ground beef can easily be found anywhere and breed selections of ground beef are abundant. Whether you like grassfed, Angus or all natural beef, they’re easy to find. It’s also inexpensive. Priced under $6 a pound, it won’t breaking the bank to get lean ground beef.

Being lean, 90% lean ground beef has about 200 calories, 24 grams of protein, and 11 grams per 4 onces. That’s about a hamburger pattie size of beef. Who doesn’t like a hamburger?

{You can also learn more about ground beef by clicking here!}

If you’re a person who questions “how lean store grade ground beef is”, check out this personal grinder. It’s capable of grinding all kinds of meat, and you can make your own sausage with it also!


Bonless center cut pork loin 

Pork is usually known for having a high fat content, but a center cut pork loin (ccpl) is a leaner cut of pork. If you trim a ccpl well, you will have a lean cut of meat with a high level of protein. A ccpl that has been trimmed will, can be tough if it’s over cooked. I feel for the best result, you should cook it in a crock pot or roast it in your oven. 

The nutritional facts for the ccpl goes as followed. There is about 8 grams of fat, 24 grams of protein that equates to 170 calories form a 4 once serving. There is also 515 mg of patasium.

You can serve your ccpl as a whole roast or have your butcher cut it into chops for you. They’re on sale a lot and can go from 1.99 lb (on sale) to 4.99lb (off sale).

If your interested in learning more about boneless center cut pork loin click here.

Bonless turkey breast.

   Turkey breast is another good option for lean protein. It has less saturated fat than red meat does. A butterflied breast ( as in the photo above)  is easy to grill or roll it up and add your favorite ingredients to make a pinwheel out of it. You can keep your bonless turkey breast whole, butterflied, or cut into cutlets. You can also have you butcher cut it into small cubes and make a soup with it.

The bonless turkey breast is a friend to any diet! At 130 calories per 4 ounce serving size, you get 28 grams of protein and .50 grams of fat. It’s the lowest amount of calories and the highest and of protein per serving than any of the meats that are mentioned.

Most of the time bonless turkey costs less than 5 $ a pound. A average package is about 2 pounds. Most supermarkets will cut up turkeys, so they’re easy to come by.

Boneless chicken thighs 

Boneless/skinless chicken thighs (bsct) are not a as lean as chicken breast, but they’re high in protein. The little extra fat is good for flavor. A customer of mine who is a bodybuilder told me about this. If you, or if you have your butcher trim off the extra fat, it will make it leaner.

(Bsct) cost less than 3$ a pound. They’re amazing in soup or to put into a crock pot. The calories for a (bsct) goes as followed… In a 4oz serving size you get 4.5 grams of fat, 22 grams of protein that will add 130 Calories to your diet. When I saw the numbers myself I was surprised. I thought the fat content would be higher.
I hope this article is helpful. If you would like learn or see posts on other cuts of meat just message me ! I will be glad to help!

Thanks for all your support, The Hamptons butcher

Pork belly anyone?

Over the last couple of years this cut of pork has been gaining in popularity!          

(Above) Pork belly


“So what’s the big deal with pork bellies”?

When Pork bellies are cooked correctly, they’re great! They are extremely tender and its easy to make a “pig of yourself” while eating them.The combination of fat, meat and skin is what makes them great.

A popular cut of pork served in bbq styled restaurants all over the united states. I have also seen the skin cut into little cubes and served over collared greens.

I have also heard people making thier own home made bacon out of them.

The pork belly is synonyms with its name. It’s from the belly of the pig.

(Above) A whole pork belly.

How do pick one out?  

   Picking one out dependents on how may people you feed.

Preferably you want a piece with a light color and a fresh pink glow. The darker the pork is , the older it is! You also want a piece with a firm but tender feel. If it’s overtly loose or sticky to the touch avoid it.


(Above) A beautiful cavity side of Pork belly. NOTICE the fresh color of the meat and bones! 

A whole Pork belly will serve a family of 5 easily.If you buy a whole one and have a small grill, you might want to ask your butcher cut it into 3 pieces. A whole Pork belly is about 23 inches. If you have a smaller family, a 4 rib piece will do. Most people either grill them or smoke them.

(Above) 2 pieces Pork belly cut from a whole piece.

Another way to order them is to have them sliced. When they are sliced it is easier to cook them in a grill. They will also cook faster as well. Usually one rib will feed each person depending how much you can eat.

(Above) Pork belly sliced.

1.When ordering take account of how many you are feeding.
2. Always check the color of your meat and it’s bones (if there are any).

3. FIgure out how you going to cook it, to figure out how to have it cut.

4. When ever you need help , just ask your butcher or message  🙂

Thanks everyone!

Best of luck, and when in doubt, go with meat!


learn how to pick out a boneless pork roast, and have your butcher cut it up for you?


Above: A boneless pork roast and some  pork chops.


Ok so here is a good example of a proper Pork Roast!


The boneless Pork roast is a inexpensive and is a delicious cut of meat. Normally on sale for 1.99 per pound to 3.99 per pound. A average piece wieghs from 2-5 pounds. A small roast can easily feed a family of 4, while a big one could serve 9 people!

“Ok so what do look for in a Pork roast”? 


The color of the roast is what I first look for. As in the  photo below, I like my pork pink with white marbling.

marbling:img_20160910_095555757 This piece here has all the right things I look for in a Pork roast! Great color, good marbling and a beautiful layer of fat!

   Marbling is very important! It what makes any meat tender. Like in the photo above you want the fat spread throughout the roast.


img_20160910_095548394 Above: A great layer of fat.

   The fat is important. It’s what gives the pork it’s flavor. The fat will keep the roast from drying out! Often people will ask me to trim the fat off to only cook it and have the roast come out tough. Keep the fat on!

“So I have a roast, what are my options I could do with it”?

   If you have a roast you can have your butcher do a couple of things.

You can have your roast cut into chops img_20160911_111821

   Cutting your roast into chops is simple and the average 2 1/2 pound roast should net about 8 chops a inch thick. Usually a regular sized chop is about a inch thick while a thick chop is about 1 1/2-2 inches.

Pork cutlets img_20160910_100233117                     

   Pork cutlets are great! You can bread them and fry them, make a pinwheel with cheese and spinach or make a brasciole out of them and put them into your sauce. I do this every time they are sale.

Once again! Thank you for all your support!

   Stay tuned this fall and winter for holiday cuts of meat, how to pick out a turkey and some uncommon cuts to surprise your families with! 

Thanks again kfm