” Learn how to make amazing shish kabobs, just like The Hamptons butcher “!

Are you tired of getting​ a tough cut of meat to make your shish kabobs out of?    

Well, look no further….           

 The Hamptons butcher is here to help!

Here are 3 reason why me and family have Shish Kabobs for dinner……     

1. They’re extremely healthy and they’re a low carb meal.

2. It’s an​ inexpensive meal and it usually costs less then 10$ to feed a family of 4!

3. Another benefit is you have to go outside to cook them, so you can enjoy the sun while you are grilling your shish kabobs.

” So, what kind of beef do I use for my shish kabobs” ?

I use a cut that is the top cap of the Sirloin. In Brazil it’s called ” Picanha​ “, in the united states it’s ” the top cap of a sirloin”.  This is a real tender cut of beef, and it’s a pleasure to BBQ just as is. Most people are not aware of this cut and it’s​ flavor. Picanha usually comes with a top layer of fat. It’s easy enough to trim the fat off and cube it yourself, or have your ” local butcher ” do it for you. 
If your ” local butcher ” isn’t familur with this cut, then ask them for the cap of the Sirloin ( photo below )

It’s one of my best kept secrets. The cap of a Sirloin will cost about $ 8 lb. You’ll definitely have your guests asking you ” what kind of meat is this “?

When it comes to chicken Kabobs,

 I only use Bell and Evans boneless chicken breast. They have an amazing flavor and they cook fast also. Bell and Evens raises​  their  chickens to the highest standard and they avoid using gas packing procedures when they’re​ packaging their chickens. 

When it comes to picking out vegetables..

I use onions and zucchinis​.  Any vegetables will do and some people like to add pinaple chunks to thier pork Kebobs. You could use any seasoning for your Kabobs. I prefer Montreal seasoning myself. 

Also most importantly, don’t forget the skewers!


 A few tips to keep in mind,

1. Always wet your skewers with water before you skewer your meat. This will help cook the meat that’s on the skewers.

2. Cut your meat into one inch squares. This size is the best for the meat to cook quickly and thoroughly.

3. Don’t forget to season your shish kabob. Just a little will go a long way. I like Montreal seasoning for beef kabobs and barbeque seasoning for my chicken kabobs.
 Kebobs are great and I hope this helps out and adds to your ” summer dinner ideas ” for dinner.

Stay posted to my blog to learn more on what cuts of meat are best to grill and how to pick out the best ones!

Stay tranquil,

The Hamptons butcher